Participant claims drug trial gave him cancer

Sunday, August 6, 2006 A man who fell ill after participating in a drug trial at Northwick Park Hospital in north-west London earlier this year has revealed he has the early signs of an “aggressive” form of cancer. David Oakley was one of six men who volunteered to take part in a trial of a drug intended to cure conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and leukemia in March. But after taking the drug, the thirty-five year-old suffered multiple organ failure and prominent inflammation. Mr Oakley, who lives in west London, told today’s Mail on Sunday that doctors have informe


Fake impotence drugs linked to low blood sugar outbreak

Thursday, February 12, 2009 An article in the February 12 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine reports on an unusual cause for an outbreak of low blood sugar among men in Singapore: illegal use of sexual performance enhancement drugs that were contaminated with a diabetes drug. Between January and May 2008, 149 men and one woman between 19 and 97 (mean age 51) were admitted to five public hospitals for unexplained low blood sugar. Similar cases were reported in media reports from Hong Kong. Seven Singaporean patients remained in a coma because of prolonged sugar s

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How To Choose Between Wheelchairs In New London Ct

Click Here To Know More About: Circumcision Brisbane Clinic byAlma Abell Mobility tends to have a huge impact on a person’s life. When that mobility is hindered in any way, there are medical devices that can work to restore at least a portion of a person’s ability to move around. For Wheelchairs in New London CT, it is important to shop around, look at all of the various benefits, and choose a chair that works best for the specific situation. Here are several things to look for when checking out the possibilities. Talk to a Health Care Provider For those new to whee


California teen becomes youngest to conquer Everest

Monday, May 24, 2010 Jordan Romero, a thirteen-year-old alpinist from Big Bear Lake, California, is the youngest person to have summited Mount Everest, according to reports circulated by the Associated Press quoting a spokesman based in the United States. The expedition included the boy's father, stepmother, and three Sherpa guides. Romero ascended 8,850 metres (29,035 feet) breaking the record for the youngest climber on Everest previously set by 16 year old Temba Tsheri from Nepal. "It's something I've always wanted to do before I die — I just happen to be doing it at


British computer scientist’s new “nullity” idea provokes reaction from mathematicians

Monday, December 11, 2006 On December 7, BBC News reported a story about Dr James Anderson, a teacher in the Computer Science department at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. In the report it was stated that Anderson had "solved a very important problem" that was 1200 years old, the problem of division by zero. According to the BBC, Anderson had created a new number, that he had named "nullity", that lay outside of the real number line. Anderson terms this number a "transreal number", and denotes it with the Greek letter ?

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Protecting Your Wedding Memories With Limousine Service Dc}

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Massive blackouts hit Florida

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 Massive blackouts occurred throughout the US state of Florida shortly after 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (18:00 UTC) on Tuesday afternoon. Out of the 4.4 million customers served by Florida Power & Light, Co. (FPL), about 680,000 residents were affected, with an additional two million-plus customers affected in other parts of the state. It is estimated that as many as four million customers throughout Florida were affected, with many different power companies losing control of their specific grids. Power outages were reported as far south as the


Astronauts fix thermal blanket on Atlantis

Friday, June 15, 2007 Astronauts on NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis have repaired a 4 inch tear in the shuttle's Thermal Protection System (TPS). At 1:00 p.m. ET astronauts began their third spacewalk to repair the tear by using medical staples to seal the torn area. Astronauts tucked the material back into place and then stapled up the seams where the material was torn. But the repair did not go without flaws. Astronauts repairing the tear say that the tear line was "higher than expected," according to radio transmissions heard live on NASA TV. Astronauts also report tha


U.K. National Portrait Gallery threatens U.S. citizen with legal action over Wikimedia images

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. The English National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in London has threatened on Friday to sue a U.S. citizen, Derrick Coetzee. The legal letter followed claims that he had breached the Gallery's copyright in several thousand photographs of works of art uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons, a free online media repository. In a letter from their solicitors sent to Coetzee via electronic mail, the NPG asserted that it