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Benefits Of Residential Drug Rehab Centers

Click Here To Know More About: Strata Management Companies Even though it is true that most state run facilities charge lesser than private facilities, there are privately owned residential drug rehab centers that have proven to be quite effective in relieving people of their problem of drug addiction. In fact, quite a few numbers of celebrities who have been diagnosed with the problem of drug addiction have been admitted to such facilities in the past too.Stating the fact that a facility is privately owned does not mean that the center has high costs of treatment. T


KKE: Interview with the Greek Communist Party

Thursday, May 13, 2010 Wikinews reporter Iain Macdonald has performed an interview with Dr Isabella Margara, a London-based member of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). In the interview Margara sets out the communist response to current events in Greece as well as discussing the viability of a communist economy for the nation. She also hit back at Petros Tzomakas, a member of another Greek far-left party which criticised KKE in a previous interview. The interview comes amid tensions in cash-strapped Greece, where the government is introducing controversial austerity mea


2-year-old dies in car in 100ºF heat with windows rolled up

Friday, August 24, 2007 A two-year-old girl was found dead inside a car yesterday in Union Township, Clermont County, Ohio The car was parked outside the Glen Este Middle School with all windows rolled up. High temperatures in the area reached 100ºF (~38ºC). Police said that the girl had been inside the car for hours before her death. A friend of the family said the child was Cecelia Slaby, however police are not reporting any personal information. The car was registered to the school's vice principal, Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby. The school staff had to report to work to p


What Kinds Of Metal Can You Recycle?

Click Here To Know More About: Steel Frames And Trusses Sydney Assisting the environment is a vital contribution from any and all members of society in the present time. And what can be more helpful for the society than recycling utilized resources for reuse. Sometimes when resources are numbered and require is increasing by the minute, it is important to minimize, reuse and recycle. Recycling of metals plays a much more crucial duty. They are the easiest materials to reuse and are available easily too. Likewise, they hold their value relatively well. Metals can be r


TV host Conan O’Brien accepts US$45 million settlement with NBC

Thursday, January 21, 2010 After a long night of negotiations, United States television personality and seven-month host of The Tonight Show Conan O'Brien and his network, NBC, have reached a deal that would buy out the contracts of O'Brien and his staff for US$45 million and reinstate Jay Leno as the show's host starting March 1, O'Brien's manager told media on Thursday. In this agreement, O'Brien will walk away with more than $33 million. The rest will be distributed to his staff of over 200 people as severance payments. His manager went on to say that Friday will be


‘Invitational Games for the Deaf, Taipei 2008’ Day 2 features martial art events

Sunday, September 7, 2008 The 'Invitational Games for the Deaf, Taipei 2008' started yesterday in Taipei, Taiwan. After table tennis and soccer, events from martial arts including karate, judo, and taekwondo were featured mainly in the 2nd matchday. Unlike the taekwondo event which applied a single elimination rule, events from karate and judo applied round robin rules in their competitions. Athletes from 7 nations including Argentina, Chinese Taipei (the host), Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and the United States were among the main participants this eve


UK shopping centre Afflecks Palace secures its future

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 Afflecks Palace, the "iconic, alternative shopping centre" in the Northern Quarter of Manchester in England, United Kingdom, was saved from closure this week after long-running rumours that the market may have to "kick out its traders" due to a dispute between the management of the Afflecks Palace brand and the leaseowner for the building, Bruntwood. Rumours suggesting that Bruntwood were looking to redevelop the building started early in 2007, when it became apparent that the property developer was not actively seeking to renew the twenty-five

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When Building A New Home

Click Here To Know More About: Lake Macquarie Painters When Building a New Home by Searchme4Building a home according to your will is a dream of a lifetime while both stressful and a daunting task. To ensure the success of your new home construction requires someone with a lot of experience in the field and also sufficient resources to get the construction of your dream home completed on time. In the UK the property market has enjoyed a rebound this year from the deepest economic crisis it has seen in decades. The most important thing when you plan to build a new h


Associated Press will charge for online content in 2006

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 The Associated Press (AP) announced yesterday that it will charge its members for online content, starting on January 1, 2006. The decision occurred at its annual board meeting. Until the new pricing arrangement takes place, news sites that purchase AP content for their print editions have been able to use the same content on their websites at no additional charge. No pricing scheme has been announced, but the AP did say that it would increase its fees less than usual this year to ease the transition. Burl Osborne, the chairman of the AP's board, s


Grace Bowman withdraws from 2012 Paralympic Dressage Individual Championship Test – Grade II event

Saturday, September 1, 2012 London, England — Earlier today at the Greenwich Park, riding third in the Paralympic Dressage Individual Championship Test - Grade II, Grace Bowman withdrew mid-ride after a series of low scores during the event. Bowman was Australia's only rider in this event. Prior to entering the competition ring, Bowman's horse Kirby Park Joy was in poor form, with Bowman unable to get control of her, showing little harmony between horse and rider. With a score of 70% or better expected for the best competitors, Bowman started with 48.0% on the halt salut