Write-in candidate leads in Buffalo, New York mayor election

Thursday, November 4, 2021 In a mayoral election held Tuesday in Buffalo, New York, United States, votes tallied as "write-ins" led the race over Democratic Party challenger India Walton 59 percent to 41 percent, with all precincts' votes reported. The city's four-term incumbent mayor, Byron Brown, did not secure the nomination in its earlier Democratic primary election to be placed on the general election ballot, but led an extensive write-in candidate campaign against his fellow Democrat. Walton's name was the only one printed on the ballots in the general election for


Surgeons reattach boy’s three severed limbs

Tuesday, March 29, 2005A team of Australian surgeons yesterday reattached both hands and one foot to 10-year-old Perth boy, Terry Vo, after a brick wall which collapsed during a game of basketball fell on him, severing the limbs. The wall gave way while Terry performed a slam-dunk, during a game at a friend's birthday party. The boy was today awake and smiling, still in some pain but in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery, according to plastic surgeon, Mr Robert Love. "What we have is parts that are very much alive so the reattached limbs are certainly pink,


Tips When Buying Outdoor Motion Sensors

Click Here To Know More About: Water Valves Online Australia Tips When Buying Outdoor Motion Sensors by Daryl SaldajenoDo you have a need for an outdoor motion sensor? Maybe you have a broken device like a motion sensor light, motion sensor sprinkler or alarm and you need replacement parts. Are you working on a project that requires motion detector sensor? If you do, then you come to the right place. Here you will find information where and how to find the right sensor for your needs. Motion detection devices are easy to find and are readily available in most elec


Italian police find 24 children living in Rome’s sewers

Monday, April 6, 2009 98 people, including 24 children, were found Saturday by Italian police in the sewer system of Rome. The Afghan youths were reported to be between the ages of 10 and 15. According to the newspaper La Repubblica, the children had stowed away on trailer trucks traveling from Turkey and Greece. They had spent nights sleeping in a standing position in filthy sewer pipes after removing the manhole covers and some of them were found in a sickly condition. There had been reports to the police of children under the Ostiense train station, a common place fo


Wikinews Shorts: January 1, 2009

A compilation of brief news reports for Thursday, January 1, 2009. Contents 1 Slovakia starts using euro today 2 Attempted baby-theft in Tennessee 3 Spanish Wikinews reaches 4000 articles  Contribute to Wikinews by expanding these briefs or add a new one. File:Dual pricing.JPG The European country of Slovakia will have the euro replace the koruna as its official currency, starting January 1, 2009. Slovakia is the sixteenth country to start using the euro. The official conversion rate is set at 30.126 koruna to one euro. Joaquín Almunia, the European Union Economic

Facial Plastic Surgery

When A Plain Nose On Your Face Is Not What You Desire

Click Here To Know More About: Plastic Surgeon Fort Worth Texas byAlma Abell People in the West are often referred to as the ‘big noses’ by those in the Orient. It’s simply a part of the Occidental appearance that noses are often prominent with a high bridge. Unfortunately, the common accepted idea of beauty is for a well-formed but delicate nose. Men obviously tend to have larger noses than women, and one of the worst things that a girl can be told is that ‘you unfortunately inherited your father’s nose’. A nose is not something you can ignore – it’s right there


U.K. National Portrait Gallery threatens U.S. citizen with legal action over Wikimedia images

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. The English National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in London has threatened on Friday to sue a U.S. citizen, Derrick Coetzee. The legal letter followed claims that he had breached the Gallery's copyright in several thousand photographs of works of art uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons, a free online media repository. In a letter from their solicitors sent to Coetzee via electronic mail, the NPG asserted that it


NBC employee wins $266M from California lottery

Thursday, May 6, 2010 An NBC employee won US$266 million from the California Lottery's Mega Millions drawing. The winner, wishing to remain anonymous, will receive $165 million in total, after federal taxes, reports spokesperson for the lottery Cathy Doyle Johnston. David Reese, a KNBC assistant manager, was informed by the winner around 2:30 local time Wednesday. Reese told the employees working the night shift to keep the name a secret until the winner wishes to step forward. Reese said the winner worked for NBC as a freelancer for four years, and her husband was laid o


SpaceX Falcon I rocket fails to orbit test satellite

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 The SpaceX Falcon 1 rocket has failed to place a DARPA demonstration payload into orbit, on its first flight into space. The rocket launched from Omelek Island, at 01:10 GMT on 21 March, just less than a year after its maiden flight which failed just seconds after launch. The rocket, which is the first privately-funded liquid-fueled launch vehicle, was intended to place the payload into a low-Earth orbit, but all contact with the rocket was lost just over five minutes into the flight. The first stage burn proceeded nominally, and separation occur


The Career Opportunity Of A Physician’s Assistant}

Click Here To Know More About: Cherokee Revolution Scrubs The Career Opportunity of a Physician's Assistant by Josh StoneOff to college with you! Your parents always wanted to brag about their offspring's going to medical school, and now they get their chance! But the medical field, being as vast as it is, gives you so much choice that narrowing down your ambitions to a specific field takes a lot of deep thought. One career path that many medical school students are finding their easiest path is the physician assistant, known as PA for short.In the first place, if