Gunman shoots doctor, then kills mother and self at Maryland hospital

Thursday, September 16, 2010 A man shot a faculty physician as well as his own mother before killing himself at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The shooting occurred on the eighth floor of the Nelson Building, the hospital's main building. Baltimore police found the suspected shooter, who had been barricaded inside his mother's hospital room for several hours before killing himself and his mother. At around 11:15 a.m. EDT (1515 UTC), an unnamed doctor was shot in the chest at a patient area of the Nelson Building's thoracic center. All major hospital facili


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Welcome to Wikinews, the free-content news source you can write! March 25, 2023 18:03 UTC | Latest articles RSS |Audio RSS|Print RSS Shooting reported on campus at Northern Illinois UniversitySeven dead in campus shooting at Northern Illinois University Seven dead in campus shooting at Northern Illinois University image credit -  edit this US condemns Russian Defense Minister for awarding pilots who intercepted US drone US President Biden signals support for bill to repeal authorizations for use of military force against Iraq US Interior Department


Online buyers conned by fake Olympics ticket web sites

Thursday, August 7, 2008 Two web sites purporting to sell tickets to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games due to open in Beijing, China on Friday have been the subject of lawsuits from the International Olympic Committee in United States courts in recent weeks. The web sites, beijingticketing.com and beijing-2008tickets.com, were designed to resemble official sites and often appeared above the official sites in Google searches, and scammed some victims out of up to US$50,000 each for tickets to events such as the Opening Ceremony and swimming, which were listed despite the offic


Lto 3 Data Storage Cartridges With Improved And Disciplined Qualities

Click Here To Know More About: Csm Office LTO-3 Data Storage Cartridges With Improved and Disciplined Qualities by LarsLTO ultrium format of media technology is no doubt the most reliable and trusted technology for data storage solution worldwide. This is most reliable and efficient with long durable operating life and durability. Many manufactures like IBM, HP, Maxell, TDK, Sony, Quantum, Fujifilm, and Imation providing their best data storage products. The first LTO Ultrium technology introduced 14~15 years ago since the first LTO-1 tape developed which gets glob


Canberra central business district trials urinals

Thursday, March 21, 2013 A poster by Canberra CBD Limited (CCBD) informing the public about the urinal trial. Image: Canberra CBD Limited (CCBD).Canberra CBD Limited (CCBD) released data this week about a urinal trial in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)'s Central Business District (CBD) this past weekend that showed the temporary urinals collected 220 litres of urine in a four day period between 7pm and 7am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Estimates showed that 1,200 men relieved themselves in this period, with 450 of them doing so on Saturday night.


Wikinews interviews Duncan Campbell, co-founder of wheelchair rugby

Canada takes on Australia in wheelchair rugby Image: Laura Hale.Friday, September 7, 2012 Listen to the raw interviewLondon, England — On Wednesday, Wikinews interviewed Duncan Campbell, one of the creators of wheelchair rugby. ((Laura Hale)) You're Duncan Campbell, and you're the founder of... Duncan Campbell: One of the founders of wheelchair rugby. ((Laura Hale)) And you're from Canada, eh? Duncan Campbell: Yes, I'm from Canada, eh! (laughter) ((Laura Hale)) Winnipeg? Duncan Campbell: Winnipeg, Manitoba. ((Laura Hale)) You cheer for — what's that NHL team? Du


Australian immigration detains Aussie flight attendant for 10mths, and maltreats her

Saturday, February 5, 2005 AUSTRALIA — Australian immigration authorities have held a mentally ill Australian woman, Cornelia Rau (also known as Anna), against her will for over 10 months, at least two of them spent in high security, where she was reportedly isolated for 18 to 20 hours a day, subjected to 24-hour simulated daylight and deprived adequate legal or medical aid. Volunteer advocates' requests for ministerial intervention, prompted by her clear distress and aberrant behaviour, went unanswered for seven weeks, while Ms Rau was held at South Australian Baxter Imm

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Childhood Obesity What Parents Must Know

Click Here To Know More About: Buy Cbd Oil The speedily increasing incidence of obesity among children is one of the most challenging dilemmas facing the society today. Obesity has become an epidemic among children and adolescents in the United States, effecting about 17 percent of them. Obesity increases the risk for diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic health problems. It also decreases the quality of life. Growing public awareness of the magnitude and adverse health consequences of childhood obesity has led to an array of efforts aimed at increasing physical


Tens of thousands of workers demonstrate in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Saturday, November 26, 2005 Protesting workers in Ljubljana's Congress SquareDespite heavy snowing, tens of thousands of workers and supporters marched today in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the largest demonstration since the country's independence in 1991 to protest against the government programme of economic reforms, including privatisation of public services, tax cuts for businessmen and the abolition of the lower value added tax rate for items like food and books. The protests, jointly organized by several trade union federations and attended by representatives of almost a



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