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Roughly every year two thirds of parking tickets issued have been issued to the motoring public illegally. The solution could be to appeal parking ticket. Anybody choosing to appeal their parking ticket will find that with any first appeal made to your local Council does not jeopardise your 50% discount on any initial parking fine.

I am sure that you did not have any idea that in virtual manner almost 100% of the parking ticket can be cancelled out. This can be done just by writing a short and simple letter and applies almost to all parking tickets you may receive.

There are a number of ways in which you can appeal parking ticket and thus cancel it. There are also a number of ways you can cancel the ticket by showing it was wrongly attributed to you. The process takes hardly 10 minutes and all you have to do is write a short letter.

Of all the people who are handed a parking ticket, only 1% bothers to appeal. Of the people who appeals, 66% wins. There are loopholes in the law that will allow you to win almost every time. However the council does not care if you are right. You will have to appeal again if turned down. You will need to submit the same argument in new appeals and case study shows most Councils avoid going all the way to the tribunals.

There is a common misconception among a lot of people who fear that they will lose the discounted rate on the parking ticket fine if they appeal and lose the appeal. You still get the discounted rate after an appeal is rejected, so you have nothing to lose by appealing. Please note this rule does not apply to red routes in London.


Most of the Local Authorities are not in favor of appeals simply because it costs. There is a tendency by them to reject the appeal. This is done illegally but is hard to prove.

The reason why some Local Authorities may do this is because if you appeal a second time and lose your appeal then you have to pay 100% of the parking fine thus saving the Local Authority money as hardly anyone takes the appeal process any further, yet if they had of done then they would still have had a good chance of winning. In addition Councils a lot of the time are reluctant to contest a third appeal which would mean going to a tribunal which can cost a council time and money.

There are Local Authorities which are not always bothered to answer your appeal. If such is the case, then after 56 days of the appeal, the parking ticket fine is void.

Whatever you do please do not ever ignore a parking ticket as The Local Authority can send Bailiffs round to your house within 3 years and it does happen! Each parking ticket that goes unanswered can escalate into a ?1000 fine with the Bailiff’s fees.

If you have decided to appeal parking ticket, you may go to a Parking ticket appeal service company for information and help.

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