Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Ontario Liberal Party created a new Ontario trillium logo at a cost of $219,000 dollars. Many people and the PC Party of Ontario call it a waste of time and money. They replaced the logo with a version of the flower similar to the party’s trademark. The picture can be seen here [1].

Now the Progressive Conservatives have started a new website. The website is a petition to save the old trillium logo. The website just started yesterday. PC leader John Tory had lots of interviews today.

“You just don’t arbitrarily tamper with it under cover of darkness,” PC Leader John Tory said yesterday, launching the website “It survived more or less intact through seven governments under all parties until Dalton McGuinty and his partisan pork barrellers got their hands on it,” said John Tory. He also said “it is wasting time and money fiddling with marketing and logos while gun violence and energy problems go unattended”. Tory calls it a useless use of funds and an inappropriate change because the new logo too closely resembles the flower seen in the Liberal Party banner.

The logo was introduced in 1964. It has undergone minor redesigns, but always remained a stylized T-shaped trillium. The latest version, designed by Toronto advertising agency Bensimon Byrne, is more angular and has no border.

“It’s awful,” Keith Rushton, a professor of design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. “It was a drastic change. It’s a very aggressive, hostile logo.”

The Liberals have defended the logo revamp saying “it was time to modernize the symbol in order to attract new business to the province”.

For now, the Torys will leave it to the Canadian public.

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