Use Crochet Beads On Everything

By Chrystal Holman

The colorful styles of today combined with the easy accessibility of all sorts of beads makes it natural to want to add lots of beading to any crochet project. Even though the finished crochet product might have intricate designs, the process of adding the beads is actually simple. Just remember when you choose the materials for your project that the beads have to fit on the thread or yarn that you will be using so make sure the hole in the bead is the right size.

Beads have many crochet application, but some beads are not suited for baby garments. As you know, if it’s loose, it goes into the mouth and baby fingers can work loose many stitches. With that warning being issued, we’re on our way. Decide where you want your beads to go and about how many you’ll need. Just place the necessary beads onto the yarn or thread in the reverse order that you’ll need them and you’re ready to crochet beads onto any project.

Feed the bead up the hook when you’re at the stitch where you want the bead. Set the bead in its place just before you make your last yarn over. The last part of the stitch locks it down. This method can be used to scatter clear, shiny beads randomly across the front of a sweater or to crochet beads of the same color around the collar of an evening top. You can crochet beads of a contrasting color onto a lace motif to accent the fancy design.

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If you prefer sewing on the beads, make sure that you use the same crochet thread so that the stitches don’t stand out from the rest. The embroidery half-cross stitch can be used to fasten beads to an area that’s very tightly crocheted. Open, lacy work calls for you to crochet beads on. Small seed beads go well with the multi-colored thread of an embroidery project. Adding beauty to an embroidery piece with dew in the form of beads on embroidered flowers is a great idea. If you embroider animals or birds, then beads make the perfect eyes for those creatures.

To add a fringe of beads while you are crocheting, use the first method. Feed the beads onto the yarn or thread before beginning the project. As you come to the fringe stitch, feed the beads you will need up to the hook. By making a chain the same length of the fringe, and including a bead in each chain stitch, you’ll make your work a little easier. These methods all help you to make your crochet work easier and more beautiful.

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