byAlma Abell

The plumbing in your home or business can be a complex system with pipes running to bathrooms, kitchens and utility areas. How complex will depend on the size of the home or building and how many water outlets it will require. You have to keep in mind that wherever there is a sink, tub, toilet or shower you will need both the fresh water supply as well as a sewage drain line. Unfortunately, the more plumbing installed in the building, the more likely it is that you will have problems with it somewhere.

One of the most common Plumbing Repair problems is a clogged drain line. Clogs can occur in many places including the trap below the drain and the sewer lines that run outside the building. Drain traps are those U or S shaped pipes normally located in the cabinet under the sink. Their purpose is to keep the gas in the sewer line from escaping. They do this by holding a small bit of liquid in the curve of the trap that blocks the gas. Unfortunately, this curve can also collect debris like hair, grease and even food.

Other clogs are a bit harder to eliminate. For instance, when the toilet refuses to flush the cause may be excess paper in the pipes. In many cases this problem is further down the line than the commode itself. You can usually tell by the way the lavatory flushes. If the toilet drains sluggishly then the clog is probably somewhere down the pipe. This type of Plumbing Repair usually requires a specific tool to eliminate the problem. This device is normally called a rooter or pipe snake and it’s primary function is to pierce the clog and start the sewage flowing again.

One important option to consider when your pipes are clogged is the possibility of cleaning them. You can improve the quality of your drain system simply by having the plumber wash the major sewer lines with a hydro-jet system. This high pressure wash will eliminate the clogs that build up over time allowing the sewage to flow freely. You can learn more about these types of services by visiting websites of contractors like AAA Wicks. Theirs is located at