Natural Treatment for a bulging disc in neck Testimonial by Dr. Jewett


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Natural Treatment for a bulging disc in neck– Testimonial by Dr. Jewett

Eliminate Low Back from Bulging and Herniated Discs without Surgery

If you were diagnosed with a bulging disc in neck and are concerned to find the proper therapy to treat the pain, here you can discover a NaturalTreatment that can substantially reduced the symptoms of back pain. This treatment can reverse the progression of the condition and improve the quality of life. It has shown that a bulging disc in neck related pain can be eliminated naturally.

WHITEE Patch Reduced Disc Bulging in 3 Months

Charles (Chuck) Jewett, DC, Portsmouth, Ohio,

Diagnosis was made by Linda Lewis, MD

Patient: Charles Jewett, Male,age 52


Date: 4/5/06

Exam: Pre-treatment MRI of “ME Lumbar Spine”

Diagnosis: Disc bulge at L5-S1

This disc bulge is impinging the sciatic nerve

“There is disc desiccation, mild to moderate loss of disc height, posterior annular disc bulging and left paramediall disc herniation measuring 9.6 x 16.5 x 7mm (AP x transverse x cranlocaudal). The disc herniation impinges the Sl nerve roots, much greater on the left, and contours the thecal sac. There is narrowing of the central canal to 9.5mm sagittally, minimal noncompressive neural fora ninal narrowing and normal facet Joints (series #5, Image #:4).”

Date: 7/13/06

Exam: Post-treatment MRI of “ME Lumbar Spine”

Diagnosis: L5-S1 disc bulge has reduced in size and is no longer impinging the nerve

Bulging Disc Treatment Using Alternative Medicine

A bulging disc occurs when the discs between the vertebrae develops a weak spot and pops out to protrude into the spinal canal with the disc remains intact.When the bulging disc impinges on the nerves of the spinal column, symptoms begin.In the lower back, it can cause pain to travel to the hips, buttocks, legs, and feet.In the upper back, the pain would radiate from the neck down the arm and to the fingers.Approximately 90% of bulging discs occur in the lower back, or lumbar area of the spine. The most commonlumbar bulging discis in L4-L5 or L5-S1, which causes pain in the L5 nerve or S1 nerve, respectively.When the sciatic nerve is impinged, it causes sciatica.

Bulging Disc – 2 Week to 3 Month Program

Usage Information WHITEE Patch: Keep it on for 48 hrs; take a 24 hr break before applying the next one. The tape is waterproof. To treat 1 or 2 discs requires Medium patches. To treat more than 2 discs, large patches are recommended.

LC Balancer: Take 1 teaspoon (5mL), 3 times a day. For improved taste, mix it with fruit juice or honey.


1) Avoid using iceor anti-inflammatory medicationsto reduce pain as they slow and interrupt the body’s repair processes.

2) Slight skin irritations have been observed in 50% chronic cases caused by the disposal of metabolic toxins at the skin. It usually lasts less than a week.Topical Aloe Vera Gel is recommended to cope with itching.

3)Patients with pre-existing stomach conditions such as gastritis may experience light stomach ache or loose stool, as the LC Balancer generates healing pain while helping the stomach condition. It goes away within a week as continue taking it.

4) Patients who are taking high dosage of vitamins or minerals should reduce them to regular dosage to avoid overdose, as LC Balancer improves absorption.

I have found that Wei Laboratories has very unique natural products. For patients with tough-to-treat back and sciatic pain that does not respond to traditional methods, their WHITEE Patches and LC Balancer can achieve 95% success in treating those conditions. Patients can expect full recovery with sustainable pain reduction. Treatment time ranges from 2 weeks for mild conditions (muscle spasm due to pinched nerve) to 3 months for severe conditions (herniated disc, bulging disc, degenerated disc, stenosis, and failed back surgery syndrome).If you have further questions, I recommend you call Wei Laboratories at 1-888-919-1188, e-mail: or further information.

I am a health and wellness advocator and found Wei Laboratories has very unique natural products. If you have further questions, I recommend you call 1-888-919-1188, e-mail: Click

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