These amazing blenders are very utile when it comes to blending small amount of ingredients while cooking. You can make several varieties of food in a blender like fruit juice, whisking eggs, blending spices, kneading dough, preparing batter and many more. The best part of them is that they are very handy and portable and they occupy a very little space in your kitchen. One of the most well-known brands in this category are Kenwood Triblade blenders.

These blenders are offered in various sizes and they are equipped with various tools for carrying out the desired activity. These devices consists of a polished plastic body and SureGrip handle with a beautiful design. The SureGrip handle is very helpful in holding the blender easily. It also includes a powerful 700W motor which offers optimum performance. This motor gives extra power which will help you in blending a variety of different foods. In addition, the detachable TriBlade wand blends all your food effortlessly and efficiently.

The innovative Bigfoot pan blending attachment is an added feature which enables you to efficiently blend straight into the saucepan with reassuring control and no splashing. Moreover, all the parts of these blender are easy to clean. A Kenwood Triblade blender includes a 3 Blade Technology. It means that these efficient blenders contains 3 blades which provides super fast and efficient blending. Its blades are angled which offers 3 levels of cutting per rotation.


These Blenders come with either a Single Speed plus Turbo or Variable Speed plus Turbo. There are many push button controls along with a speed selector which are found on the top of the hand blender. Another remarkable quality is its Sure Grip handle which will come in your hand grip very smoothly even when your hands are wet and greasy.

All the accessories of this triblade Blenders are specifically designed for faster, quicker and easier results. Its blending foot contains 6 blending ribs to break up the vortex. You can also avoid splashing of food as it contains small castellated exit paths.

These blenders are very affordable and cheap and they will be very easy on your wallet. You can even purchase these best blenders from any online shopping site. These sites will allow you to make comparisons of various blenders. You can compare their prices and features and can make the right purchases.

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