By Tina Ko

The Definition of the Button Pearl

A button pearl, for all practical matters, is simply a natural pearl that has been flattened to a degree for usage. This flattening is done in various methods but they all ultimately result in the flattening of a side or both sides. This produces a pearl bead of a unique shape that can be used in various forms of accessories and jewelry. Craftsmen are particularly fond of using them since they can be quite versatile in decorative applications. The beauty and quality of them is not lost when it is flattened. In fact, all the natural qualities of a good one is still present in its button form and this is why they are used in many decorative accessories and jewelry.

The Uses and Applications of Button Pearls


Button pearls are in the end, pearls. They are flat on either one side, or both, but they are still pearls none the less. This is why they also serve the same purpose as normal pearls do. They are valuable pieces that are used in jewelry and accessories in order to create an object of both beauty and value. Beauty is achieved in the pearls form. There is also the sense that the pearl is a product of nature, and that by itself holds a lot of aesthetic merit.

Other qualities of the pearl are its shine and luster, and also, its size. Their value is a combination of its size and the aesthetic merit of the jewelry or accessory it is mounted on. The value is also dependent on how the accessory is made. Naturally, it is calculated in terms of the monetary value of the item in particular.

The Qualities of the Button Pearl

The process of flattening a pearl takes various steps. But before the pearl can even be flattened, the pearl itself must be processed for use. Pearls are the natural by-products of oysters and can be harvested in natural oyster reefs or in oyster farms. Since the pearls themselves are created by the oyster, there are no means to artificially manipulate the quality of the pearl that will be produced. Harvested pearls are then selected, polished and organized according to how it will be used. Of all these processes it is the polishing that is most important as it defines the final look and luster of the pearl bead.

Once selected for flattening, the pearl beads are machine processed according to how they will be used. Not all of them are created the same way. Some are fully flattened on both sides creating the shape of a button – hence the name of button pearl. There are also pearls that are only flattened on one side which when used, creates an illusion that the pearl is much bigger than it seems. There are also some with varying degrees of flattening on either side. The actual flattening is determined by the end purpose the pearl will have. Mostly, machine pressed pearls are still modified by hand for final adjustment depending on the decor or jewelry piece.

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