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Why should I see my physician when I’m feeling perfectly all right? What is a pediatrician?

What should a premarital examination include?

What different kind of life insurance are available to me?

Why should persons who are apparently in good health bother about regular physical examination? Simply because these examination lead to the detection of disease in its earliest phases,and offer guidance in the ways of healthful living.Check-up at regular intervals,you will have a much better chance of escaping of postponing the effects of serious illness.

When should you have an examination?

Physical examinations depend directly on the age prenatal-monthly to biweekly on the age

Prenatal – monthly to biweekly


First 6 months – biweekly

Second 6 months – monthly

1-2 years – quarterly

2-5 years – semiannually

5-15 years – every 2 to 3 years

15-35 years – every 2 years

35 – 60 years – annually

Above 60 years – semiannually

In the physical examination, first time a physician asks question the patient thoroughly about his medical history and to make the permanent record of information.The physician may supplement this information with laboratory records,x-ray films and report. There are 4 step in the physician examination : inspection,palpation,percussion,and ausculatin – in simple terms,looking ,feeling,taping , and listening

During inspection,the physician looks at you for signs of disease.He check on your mental state , posture, movement , weight , temperature ,speech , skin, and hair , and examines the retina located at the back of your eye,it’s the one point where small blood vessels can be observed , and any changes there may indicate vascular diseases, diabetes , or kidney disease, test your knee jerk to determine whether the reflex is normal,he’ll know about sensory nerves , spinal cord, motor nerve may be damaged.

Special examinations

Modern medicine depends heavily on several tests that supply valuable information about almost every organ,tissue,and fluid in the human body.Two of these are the urinalysis and x-ray examinations.Urinalysis is more widely used and provide more useful information.The kidneys in addition to removing waste from the body as part of urine,also regulate the chemical composition of the blood .Urinalysis can give clues to difficult far removed from the urinary tract – heart ,liver or gallbladder trouble ,eating too many sweet . Acidity test may also simple reflect the person ‘s dietary habbits test for pregnancy

The x-ray is one of the most important diagnostic aids used by doctors and dentist.You are probably already familiar with the chest x-ray,which helps to spot tubercul. The x-ray is one of the most important diagnostic aids used by doctors and dentist.You are probably already familiar with the chest x-ray,which helps to spot tuberculosis , cancer of the lungs,and heart disease.osis , cancer of the lungs,and heart disease.

Life insurance is a cooperative risk – sharing play in which people set aside portions of their income during their earning years to provide for the time when their income ceases because of death,retirement,or declining health.There are 4 basic type of policy:

– straight ( ordinary ) life insurance

– limited payment expand

– endowment plan

– term plan

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