By William Perry

Finding free prepaid credit cards is something that everybody wants nowadays, as these are great devices to have around. However, here’s something you should know-prepaid cards are never free, for the simple fact that they are prepaid.

In other words, the amount you have to spend on them is in direct proportion to how much you initially put onto them, or pay for them. For example, if you pay $100 for a prepaid credit card, you have a $100 limit to use with that one. If you find a free prepaid card, you will have a $0 limit, and therefore it’s useless anyway.

Not every prepaid credit card is created equal. For example, with many of them there are additional fees you have to consider even after the initial deposit you make on them. For example, some charge a monthly or annual fee for using the, in addition to a transaction fee each time you use it to make a purchase.


Therefore, in this sense there are free prepaid credit cards, in that the only price you pay is the amount that goes towards the limit on it. when looking for the right one, always be sure that the only fee you are paying is the deposit amount, and make sure there are none of these hidden fees, which can dramatically spike up the amount you will be paying.

With that said, of course, you don’t have to worry about any additional fees tacked on-the amount you spend all goes towards your credit limit, and you don’t spend anything just for the card itself. Having prepaid credit cards is very important in certain situations where you don’t have your credit card handy, but can’t pay with cash.

An obvious example of this would be buying something online, as you obviously can’t spend cash, but if you either don’t have your current credit with you, or it’s over it’s monthly limit, the only way you can buy is having a prepaid credit card. To find these, just go down to your local right aid or Wal-Mart, and you can find many available.

In addition, going on the internet will help you find many of these on hand as well, although you will have to wait until they are shipped to you, which in some instances can take over a week. I’d recommend you just go to your local store if you are in a hurry.

Also, it’s generally wise to bring these with you on trips, as in the case of booking a hotel or other things where cash is not accepted. Particularly with hotels, they generally require a credit card in order to reserve your room, and usually don’t accept cash for this.

If you don’t have a credit card on hand, a prepaid one is your only bet. Particularly if you are booking a hotel, you can generally only do so with a credit card, as they won’t accept cash until you are ready to check out. Use these tips to find the right free prepaid credit cards for you.

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