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Tips for Relaxing at the Dentists


Having painful things poked into one’s teeth and gums is certainly not enjoyable, so many people suffer varying degrees of stress when they go to the dentist. It may also be that they are reacting to subconscious memories of painful dental treatment suffered during their childhood. In those days, dentists were not nearly as empathetic towards their patients. Crying children were usually slapped and told to behave.

Luckily, things have changed. Dentists are trained how to set their patients minds at ease by explaining the procedures both before they start and as they go. Treatment procedures are quicker and less painful than they used to be, and treatment for pain is more effective. If you feel stressed out, simply talking to the dentist about your fears will often relieve them.

Make sure you are in plenty of time for your appointment; rushing will cause stress before you even get there. Occupy your mind by thinking or planning something nice. You could have a mental puzzle ready to ponder; plan a holiday, party or home renovation. You could even take your MP3 or equivalent and listen to music. This will drown out the sounds of the drill that tend to put you on edge. And even though you can’t talk, make sure the dentist will understand your signals to stop if you need to take a break. Once you have control of your situation, your stress levels will certainly diminish.

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Dental Crowns – Pros and Cons