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Whether you are looking for Christmas tree theme ideas for a Christmas birthday party, office party, or your yearly yuletide decorating, you will want to check out our sleigh-full of Christmas tree theme ideas. They will inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas masterpiece! Here’s a couple of ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:


If you love making a statement and enjoy lots of baubles, sparkle, and shine, then you will want to opt for trimming your Christmas birthday party tree in a glitzy style full of pizazz. The following ideas will have your guests saying “Wow!” when they see your fantabulous theme party tree.

Start off by spraying sparkly snow onto your tree branches.

Intertwine strands of small white lights or twinkling lights in and through your branches.

Deck your branches with gold and/or silver star garland.

Weave gold and/or silver wire ribbon on your branches.

Hang mirror-type ornaments and shiny gold and/or silver ornaments.

Add strings of white pearls and/or feather boas.

Hang strands of silver tinsel.


Tie shiny white, wired ribbons onto the branches.

Let your tree topper be a “diamond” tiara.

If you can’t find a glitzy tree skirt, then wrap silver metallic fabric around the bottom of the tree trunk.


When planning a Christmas birthday party and the recipient happens to be in the military, a Vet, or just a good ole’ proud American, you might consider bringing out that person’s true colors by decking the tree In Americana style. Here’s a few ideas to get you started trimming your tree in patriotic style.

String strands of red, white and blue lights onto the tree. If you are really industrious, pull all of the lights out of your strands and then put them back into their holders in red, white, and blue order.

String fresh cranberries on heavy thread using a heavy needle to create a garland and hang it on the branches. In the alternative, you could opt for red beaded garland.

Hang red, white and blue ornaments and stars on the tree.

Hang patriotic wooden ornaments on the tree.

Hang red, white or blue tinsel on the branches.

Decorate the tree’s branches with little flags.

Tie red, white and blue plaid or striped ribbons onto the branches.

Using wide, patriotic wired ribbon, tie a large bow with multiple loops, leave the ends dangling, and place the bow at the top of the tree as your tree topper.

Add a patriotic tree skirt or wrap patriotic-printed fabric around the tree trunk. Place a choo choo train around the bottom of the tree to further promote the feeling of the good ole’ U.S. of A.

Now that you’ve got the idea of how to create a unique Christmas tree each year, here’s a few other options to consider for that upcoming Christmas birthday party, office party, or for your own special Christmas celebration at home:

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