By Fred Romano

I am a builder by profession and I have a vast location where I have employed numerous employees at work to finish up the construction site very perfectly. When I am in this profession then I have to be cautious always and I even have to keep a vigilant eye on all the employees and see that everything is going on perfectly alright. Even a small mistake and I could face trouble where I have to be answerable to the administration from whom I had taken the permission of taking up the construction of the site. Initially I did not feel the need of any equipment which could help me to survey the actions of the employees who were working in and around the site because even my wife would accompany me in my work and she would tackle one portion under her guidance and I would take care of the other portion. Then fortunately my wife had to take a maternity leave and even I at times could not attend the site everyday because I even had the responsibility to look after my wife. As it happens that usually one person cannot be everywhere at all the places, it is quite true. Once I started giving time to my wife, I found that something was going wrong in my construction site because there were still a few sincere employees who were my well wishers and they complained me against some other employees. I really wanted the way out where I could put an end to all the problems and then I decided that I will install a hidden camera which could help me to entrap the real culprits.

I bought a Dome camera which was very helpful and loaded with attractive and beneficial advantages. Where there are many other replica cameras available in the market but this is the genuine camera which no one can compete with it. The trouble makers will have the influence that the location is being automatically surveyed and that will divert their mind whereas they will never come to know that actually in which trend it is working through. Where sometimes more than 2 or 4 cameras are needed for surveillance in bigger locations, but this is the accurate camera which can cover the intact area solely with perfection. As this is also weatherproof equipment so I need had had to worry about the site and then every thing was being captured progressively. 2AA batteries are essential for the LED light to operate.


After the installation of the Dome Camera I was a little tension free and now could concentrate and give time to my wife who was ready to give a good news ay time. After a few day I was happy that my wife gave birth to a sweet little baby girl and now I even happier that now I could totally concentrate on my work towards the construction site. After I saw all the proceedings which were recorded in the Dome Camera I came to know about the main reason of the trouble which was taking place in the construction site and immediately took action against the culprits and fired them out of the work.

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