Personalize Your Car With Car Accessories


Ackley Cooper Shaw

Car is one asset that one really cherishes as a purchase. Adding value to its d cor or performance is something that many car owners like to indulge in. This is known as accessorizing the car. There is a very huge market for products today that allows one to deck up or add value to one s machine. One can check online for car accessories or one can go down to the local car dealers and check out all the available options. Most cities have one locality dedicated to car accessories related shops. One just has to stop in there to see the plethora of offers.

The exteriors can be decorated with fixtures to guard against the occasional chance of scratches, additional lights to jazz up the car and give it a sporty or elegant look, trimmings like stickers and paints for that touch of glam, tyres that are fitted in to lift the look etc. Neon underglow lights, extra intense headlights, hood-illuminating lights, boot lights and other light patterns are immensely popular. Stylized graphic stickers and special reflector films not to mention flashy body accessories are also very heavy in demand by the owners who like to indulge in some after sale trimmings. An essential addition for foggy winters would be LED light fittings and fog lamps. These allow one to get better visibility on a fog filled drive on a cold winter morning or evening.

Installing such exterior accessories can really alter the get up of one s car. A few other noteworthy additions that one can delve into would be fixtures like rear spoilers, rear & front bumpers, side view mirrors, side steps, body kits, bars, sun roofs, manufacturer decals, designer license plates etc.

The price of such accessorizing can start at the minimal of INR 100 and there is simply no end to how high it can go. Below is a generic list of the kind of cost one might be looking at for additions to one s cars exteriors and interiors-

Head lamps- starting from around INR 300


Body cover- Rs 500 onwards

Rear lamps- Rs 500 onwards

Sun control Window films Rs 925 onwards

Car bull guard Rs. 3000 onwards

Fog lamp kit- Rs 1300

Roof Carriers- Around Rs 3000 and above depending on the make of the car.

Alloy wheels- Starting at around Rs 4000

Air Fresheners- Rs 100 onwards

Steering cover- Rs 200 and upwards

Car fridge- Around Rs 8500 onwards

Music systems- Starts at around Rs 4000 and goes up depending on how many speakers, subwoofers system etc being added.

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