Saturday, March 29, 2008

Work to extend the East London railway line reached a significant milestone today as a new bridge was lowered into position over a street in Shoreditch, London. The line, previously part of the London Undeground, is being extended to become part of the London Overground network.

The 350 tonne, 35 metre long tied arch bridge required the use of Britain’s largest mobile crane to get it into position.

Transport for London project manager Barrie Noble said, “I’ve been in this business a good many years and have led a fair few extraordinary projects, but lifting this bridge in really will be something to behold.”

“I can’t say how proud I am of the team behind it, both the TfL engineers and the contractors we are using.”

The bridge was manufactured in Chepstow, Wales and assembled on-site.

A section of Shoreditch High Street will remain closed over the weekend as the bridge is secured in place. The East London line closed in December 2007 and is due to reopen in stages from 2010.