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Mb2 712 Pdf Training Guides}

Submitted by: Jennifer Cheek

Question: 1

You import a managed solution that contains a custom entity named Loan. Loan is enabled for customization.

You need to add a new field to the Loan entity.

What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Open the imported solution, locate the Loan entity, and then add the new field.

B. Create a new solution, add the existing Loan entity, and then add the new field.

C. Modify the Managed Properties of the Loan entity in the imported solution.

D. Open the default solution, locate the Loan entity, and then add the new field.

Answer: A,B

Question: 2

You are adding a sub-grid to the Account form that displays data from a custom entity related to the account.

You need to identify which items you can use to display the data.

Which two items should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. a fist

YouTube Preview Image

B. a chart

C. a dashboard

D. an iFrame

Answer: AB

Question: 3

You have a Dynamics CRM organization.

You have a team named Team1. All of the members of Team1 have identical security roles.

A user named User1 has a personal view to display the records owned by Team1.

You need to ensure that all the members of Team1 can use the view.

What should you do?

A. Instruct User1 to assign the personal view to the owner of Team1.

B. Instruct the owner of Team1 to configure the filter criteria.

C. Instruct User1 to assign the personal view to Team1.

D. Instruct User1 to configure the filter criteria.

Answer: C

Question: 4

You modify the Account form to contain the contain the tabs configured and ordered as shown in the following table.

You need to identify which tabs will be displayed by default on Dynamics CRM for tablets.

Which tabs should you identify?

A. only General. Address Info, and Reseller Info

B. only General, Address Info, Reseller Info, and Additional Info

C. only General, Details, Address Info, Reseller Info, and Additional Info

D. only General, Details. Address Info, and Reseller Info

Answer: C

Question: 5

You have a Dynamics CRM organization.

You set an option that contains the values configured as shown in the following table.

What is the default sort order of the labels?

A. Four, One, Three, Two

B. Two, One, Three, Fou

C. One, Two, Three, Fou

D. Two, One, Four, Three

Answer: A

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The Importance Of Roofing Repairs In Hendersonville

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byAlma Abell

The biggest investment most people will ever make is their home. The last thing a homeowner wants to hear is that they will need to have work done on the property. By being proactive and keeping on eye on their roof, homeowners and business owners will know when to call for Roofing Repairs in Hendersonville. This short guide will help them learn more about their roof.

Look For Warning Signs

YouTube Preview Image

When looking for any signs of trouble in a roof, the age of the roof must be considered. Roofs generally last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. Anything beyond that is a sign a new one is needed. Knowing if the roof was ever removed and covered with another layer of shingles is another warning sign as well as if there are many shingles missing or if the gutters are loaded with shingle granules.

Check for Leaks

The primary role of a roof is to keep the elements out of a house, so that a leaky roof can be a major cause of concern for any homeowner. It is wise for anybody who owns a home to be diligent in checking for leaks. When a leak goes undetected for too long, it can cause damage inside the home as well as cause mold to form. This would require Roofing Repairs in Hendersonville to be a necessity. Leaks can also damage wallboard or ceilings, both of which can be costly and time-consuming to repair.

A Solid Roof Will Keep a Business Running

Commercial buildings usually have a much different roofing system than residential properties. These structures usually have flat roofs with a rolled surface, generally made of rubber. These types of roofs have to be maintained very carefully, as they can retain snow and water. While flat roofs do indeed drain, it happens in a less-efficient manner than pitched roofs. Commercial roofing systems tend to last longer when maintained properly.

Deal With a Local Leader

Customers in Tennessee want to find a roofer with over 100 years of experience. Log onto to see an example of a company that provides expert roof repairs, installation, and maintenance to keep roofs in premium condition. The only use the highest quality materials and advanced techniques to satisfy their customers.

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Bad Credit Unsecured Loans: Get Money Without Collateral

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By Gilbert Imlay

If your loan application has been turned down because of the simple reason of your low credit score then this could be the best time to opt for the very convenient loan scheme of bad credit unsecured loans. Focusing on the urgent monetary requirements of the bad credit holders, the entire range of bad credit unsecured loans have been introduced in the financial market. With these loans, all types of bad credit borrowers such as, those who are suffering from the adverse effects of CCJs, arrear, default or recent bankruptcy are allowed to curb their financial needs. Moreover, both personal and professional monetary requirements can be fulfilled through the option of bad credit unsecured loans. Hence, if you also have an emergency bill to pay or stacks of debt to clear then immediately apply for this loan and avail a decent amount of cash to lessen your economic tensions.

It is evident from the name that bad credit unsecured loans are free from the clause of collateral submission and hence, the borrower is not expected to make any arrangements for placing security against the loan demand. For this reason only, this loan plan is extremely popular among the tenants, non homeowners and people residing with their parents. Hence, if you are also trapped in a messy financial crunch and belong to the same category of borrowers who have nothing to offer as security then bad credit unsecured loans is an appropriate monetary solution for you.

YouTube Preview Image

Now let us talk about some major features attached to the loan plan of bad credit unsecured loans. While applying for any loan plan, the first thing that a borrower should notice is the eligibility criteria, however with this loan scheme, you simply have to accomplish the two elementary requirements of offering your employment details and giving your birth certificate that states you are above 18 years of age. Secondly, it is important for you to know that under this loan provision, borrowers are generally allowed to demand for a loan amount ranging between 5000 and 25000. However, as this loan is unsecured in nature, it might be possible that the lenders would charge you a little higher rate of interest in comparison to secured loans. But if you conduct a decent market research, there is still a possibility of availing affordable rate of interest. Hence, once you are through with the procedure of market research and lender’s selection, you can directly move ahead on the next step of drafting an application form for the same.

In order to apply for the bad credit unsecured loans, you have to log on to the website of your lender, from where you can download the online application form. Fill up this form with your valid and correct employment and personal details. If in case you encounter any difficulty in filling up the form, you can take the assistance of the customer care division. The executives will instantly revert back to you with valuable answers and solutions. Same source can be used for understanding all terms, clauses and regulation of the loan plan.

About the Author: Gilbert Imlay is a financial advisor with years of experience and specializations in unsecured loans UK, unsecured loans, bad credit unsecured loans, unsecured loans for unemployed, unsecured loan for tenant. For more information visit


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Self Certification Mortgages Explained

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By Michael Sterios

With the uncertainty of the job market in the UK today, more and more people are turning to working for themselves. While this can be a positive step in that it means you dont answer to anyone but yourself, it can also open up another set of problems. The biggest problem faced can be getting a mortgage with no fixed income or payslip, its more difficult to be accepted. This can be overcome, however, with a self-certification mortgage.

The good news is that more lenders are opening their eyes to the self-employed market, although that shouldnt come as a surprise, with 14% of the UK being self-employed. Despite this, its only in the last few years that lenders have come up with self-certification mortgages. If youre self-employed and you want to buy a house, its worth knowing whats involved and what type of mortgage you can have.

The Differences

The main difference between a standard mortgage and a self-certification one is obviously income, or lack of it. Whereas in a full-time job you have a steady income and either a weekly or monthly payslip, when youre self-employed this changes drastically. Depending on your profession, you could go weeks or even months without any kind of income.

YouTube Preview Image

This is where lenders traditionally get nervous because you cant guarantee what earnings youll have in any given week, theres the chance that this could affect your ability to pay your mortgage. Because of this, theres less chance of being approved for one or there was, before elf-certification mortgages.

The main difference with these is that youre approved on what you expect to earn, as opposed to physical proof. However, lenders will still want to see some kind of proof of what your average income will be this could be via an accountant if you have one, or invoices and bank statements for the last three years. Although if you can provide details of your income for three years or more, you might even be eligible for a more traditional mortgage.

The Disadvantages

Although they can help self-employed people buy a home, a self-certification mortgage does have a few downsides when compared to a normal mortgage. Much like a bad credit mortgage, it usually involves a higher interest rate, due to you being seen as a potentially bad risk (even if youre earning over six figures a year). This is especially true if youve been trading less than 2 years, when most businesses traditionally fail.

Another disadvantage is that there are still a limited amount of lenders willing to provide these types of mortgage at the moment, compared to the hundreds of lenders for traditional mortgages. On top of this, youll probably have to pay a higher deposit unlike the typical 5% down on a normal mortgage, you can expect to pay as much as 25% of the cost of the house as your deposit.

Despite this, self-certification mortgages are an excellent option for anyone struggling to buy a house because theyre self-employed. With many even offering an option where you can defer payments until your own invoices are paid, theyre ideal for those where income isnt guaranteed to be on time.

About the Author: Visit

for up-to-date information on

Self-Certification Mortgages

and other types of

UK Mortgages


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Advantages Of Working Under A Corporation For Your Mortgage Company}

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Submitted by: Nations Branch

Once you have your license to be a mortgage broker, you might be considering opening your own mortgage company. By doing so, you can increase your commission and work your own hours. You might even be able to work from the comfort of your own home. There are many considerations to make when opening your own business, including how to generate leads and build relationships with banks. Many people choose to open a branch of a larger mortgage corporation, such as Nations Branch, as a compromise between owning their own business and working for a mortgage company. There are many advantages to this decision, including the following.

Support and Advice

Even the most experienced mortgage broker comes across problems and issues from time to time. When you open a branch rather than work completely independently, then you have a strong support network in place. You can call the main corporate office at Nations Branch or other company at any time you have a question or problem requiring additional help. You also have a network of people who also might be able to provide you with advice and assistance. You do not have to feel as though you are working alone, even though you still benefit from owning your own company.

YouTube Preview Image

Established Network and Relationships

One of the most difficult aspects of venturing out on your own is to build the relationships with banks that you need for your mortgage broker business to thrive. You also need to have a strong network in place to help you find clients. When you work with a large corporation, you walk right into an established network that already has strong relationships with several banks. This reduces the work you have to do to set it up, letting you jump right into your actual work.

Brand Recognition

When you work with a larger mortgage company, such as Nations Branch, then you have behind you the power of brand recognition. This also gives you a sense of credibility and reliability because people recognize the name of the company. When it comes to finances, people will often choose a company they recognize than one they have never heard of. Instead of spending years building a trusted reputation, you work off of the reputation of the larger corporation instead.

What About Disadvantages?

There are numerous advantages to working with a larger corporation, such as Nations Branch, including policies, procedures and benefits available to you that might not be otherwise. However, it does come with its compromises. Although you still make more money as an owner of a branch than an employee, you will have to give up some of the commission to the parent corporation. You also do work for that company, so you will have to follow their policies and procedures. If there is every any disagreement, the corporation gets the final say.

For many people, the benefits still far outweigh the small disadvantages. However, it is important that you keep these in mind when reviewing the opportunities available to you so that you choose the right one. Often, the corporation’s websites, such as, will provide you with all the details you need to determine if it is the right relationship for you.

About the Author: Weston Barnes is a writer and an avid reader. When he’s not writing about business, marketing, health, pets, or relationships, he’s immersed in his latest book. For more details,please visit our website


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Some Disadvantages Of Understanding Addiction As A Disease

By Tom Horvath

In the news media the typical expert describes addiction as a disease. Often these experts work at addiction treatment facilities. It would be easy to conclude that experts agree that addiction is hereditary, incurable and lifelong. In the addiction field this view is referred to as the ‘disease model.’ In fact there is significant disagreement about the disease model, but the scientists and professionals who view addiction in other ways do not receive the same media coverage. Why alternatives to the disease model (there are several) do not get more publicity is a story in itself. However, this article will focus on two reasons not to understand addiction as a disease.

The first disadvantage of the disease model is that, for individuals with addiction problems, it is distracting. If I drink too much alcohol, my attention would best be focused on what I need to do about this behavior. By focusing on reducing or stopping my drinking, perhaps I can be successful on my own, or realize that I need to get outside help. However, if instead I spend my time wondering about whether I am an ‘alcoholic,’ I am not doing anything constructive to address my problems. Wondering whether I am an alcoholic distracts me from actually resolving my drinking problems. Although it may seem foolish (if you don’t have drinking problems) to spend your time wondering about this issue, many individuals who drink too much do so. Unfortunately, the conclusion reached is something like this: ‘Even though I drink too much, I’m not really an alcoholic, so I don’t need to worry about it. Only alcoholics actually need to make changes. I’m just someone who drinks too much.’

YouTube Preview Image

This perspective does not make any sense, but it is very common. The heavy drinker can hide behind the conclusion of ‘not being a real alcoholic,’ and avoid change. It seems that no matter how heavy my drinking, there are others who drink more or have more problems from alcohol. I can think of them as alcoholics, but not me! In reality, whatever amount I drink might cause problems, depending on circumstances. I would do better to address my drinking directly, and not be concerned about whether the label alcoholic (or addict) is the right one for me.

A second disadvantage of the disease model is that it can be depressing and de-motivating: ‘I have this disease that I can never get rid of.’ The idea itself is enough to drive me to drink! Rather than motivating me to improve my behavior, the disease model could lead me to feel hopeless. If someone believes in the disease model, and starts drinking, it is easy (and common) to think ‘I can’t help this, I have a disease.’ Rather than moderating (drinking at a low level that does not cause problems) or reducing (drinking too much but less than a binge), a full-blown binge (of alcohol, drugs, or both) can occur. Once the binge occurs it can be taken as more evidence that I really am hopeless, so what is the point of even trying to change? It would be better for me to think that I need to stay focused on my drinking, and not expect complete improvement immediately. I could learn to moderate or stop my drinking, just as I have learned many other things.

Although the experts quoted in the media are likely for a long time to continue to describe addiction as a disease, we each still have the freedom to understand addiction any way we want to. For many of us, not using the labels addict or alcoholic, and having a hopeful perspective on change, will be more helpful.

About the Author: A. Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP, is a board certified clinical psychologist and president of Practical Recovery

non-12-step alcohol addiction treatment

, an addiction treatment facility in La Jolla (San Diego), CA, focusing on collaborative care and self-empowerment.


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Are We At The Start Of A New Property Boom?}

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Submitted by: JamieMcIntyre

Original article by Jamie McIntyre published in 21st Century News.

Jamie McIntyre who has built million dollar property portfolios for himself and his clients, shares his views on the Australian Property Market:

I am often asked about my views on the Australian Property Market and I am happy to share my belief that within the next 3-4 years we will witness another property boom.

Investors who wish to do well financially with property investing should do their best to ideally buy at least two properties as soon as possible in order to prevent missing out on this boom and having to wait perhaps another decade to witness such growth again.

Generally the best strategy with real estate is to buy and never sell. Over a 10-20 year period you will do well. Even if you purchase properties in the worst areas, more often than not you will still make money. However, if you buy quality property, in quality areas at a good price, then over 20 years you can become extremely wealthy.

Lets use an example of you purchasing just two properties

For instance, if the properties are worth $400,000 each today ( below the average price for most Australian houses), in ten years these properties if bought well should be worth double.

Therefore, now you have $800,000 properties purchased which ten years later would be worth $1.6 million total and you would end up making $800,000 in capital growth plus received tax benefits and rents that also tend to double every 7-9 years. Therefore in 7-9 years these properties will be cashflow positive and the debt will have reduced boosting your equity from $800,000 above $1million .

The reality is that after ten years you basically are a self-made millionaire with $1 million plus in equity.

Lets do another ten years to the 20 year mark:

In 20 years, these two properties will approximately be worth $3.2million and no doubt largely paid off by increasing rents. Thats a nice retirement plan you have created simply because you got educated and took action with just two properties 20 years ago.

Critics might suggest that property doesnt always double every ten years and they maybe right, as often it can double every 7 years or less .If that were to occur during this period you would have approximately over $6 million in property value.

However, lets say things dont go as well as planned and it takes 15 years to double because that is a possibility in an extremely poor property market and perhaps if you choose a poor property.

In that case, after 20 years your two properties are worth approximately $2.2 million.

Is this better than the pension plan ?

Or a managed fund your Financial Planner, (who probably has never invested before) has pitched to you?

Or your struggling superannuation fund making your financial planner rich with the fees?

Property is by far the most superior asset class and almost every self-made millionaire in this country would agree with this. I have only ever touched shares to write calls over them (which I termed share renting) to supplement the cashflow from my property portfolio and speed up the above plan. However, property and business has always been the cornerstone of my wealth.

It is best not to try and get rich from shares alone as it will never compete with real estate.

Here is the plan with property for those who want to become seriously wealthy in the next 10 to 20 years.

You dont have to stop at two properties though. There is a buy ten properties in ten years plan and by using that youre growing equity in your initial properties and can use it as a deposit on a new property to continue buying 2-10 properties over the next decade.

In 20 years you can possibly have $10-$15million in equity plus.

If that sounds too daunting or too good to be true, then you should focus on getting your first couple of investment properties. Normally the first steps are the hardest, so educate yourself and take action.

Remember you dont need a financial planner, you simply need a financial education.

Acquiring finance or just knowing what you can or cant afford is usually what holds many back.

Your first step should be to complete a financial fact finder in order to access some free qualified help.

However, you should avoid making obvious errors. For instance, dont buy high rise apartments in Docklands, Melbourne or Gold Coast as they are the worst property investments.

Generally it is best not to touch large, high rise apartments as you have hundreds of competitors on your step and if one sells cheaply it devalues all the others. Moreover, Body Corp rates often are atrocious and a waste of money.

The other venture I have been investing in for last 3 years is US Property.


It is ridiculously cheap and rising in value. Also, you can access rentals of 15-20% in some places and in some cases as much as 46% p.a. in rental returns.

That is $46,000 for every $100,000 invested or $460,000 p.a. for every $1 million invested.

Dont bother asking your financial planner about accessing these kinds of investments as they wouldnt be have the knowledge as they arent generally investors.

Some would also question if such an investment is risky.

Every investment carries risk yet if you are educated and learn off others who are already doing it you can lower that risk. You just have to make an effort to learn.

So, will you be taking advantage of the next Australian Property boom coming along with the US housing recovery?

Your family and your country need you to become a smart investor and invest into your future.

It is good for you and good for our entire country.

Make it happen!

No excuses!!

About the Author: Jamie McIntyre is the founder of the 21st Century Group of companies and CEO of 21st Century Education. He is also bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, investor, sought after success coach, internationally renowned speaker and world-leading educator.


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Payday Loan Bad Credit Payday Loans Helping You Get Additional Cash When You Need

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By Justin Grey

If you have several bad credit remarks in your statement do not be worried, as you are still capable of getting the loan. Payday loans bad credit is the means by which you can have the facility of getting some additional money for your hard time. As the name suggests, payday loans are short-term cash help that can help you in your small requirements without any hassles. The cash you can often get with these loans ranges from $100 to $1500. You can get these loans for a very short span of time that is from 7 to 21 days and you need to pay it back as soon as your next paycheck is credited.

By itself, there are no difficult requirements that you need to meet and is quite easy to get with online process; on the other hand, you do need to take notice of a few rules. These include, the borrower should have US citizenship, the borrower should be 18 years old or above, he/she should have fixed income source, he/she must have valid bank account. Besides, the borrower should have an active checking account to receive the cash directly from the lender and also to pay back the loan amount when it is due.

As soon as you meet these requirements, you can apply for the loan by filling in a single online loan application form and submit it on the lender’s website. Once the lender receives your application, he scrutinizes your application and if he finds you eligible, for the loan informs you almost instantly and transfers the cash without any further delay. The best part is that you can have the access to the loan amount within 24 hours of submitting an application. There are several circumstances where you can make use of the loan cash like paying off utility bills like phone and electricity bills, credit card dues, mortgage payments, grocery bills, home improvement, car repairs and a lot more.

YouTube Preview Image

The only thing you need to watch out for is that you need to pay higher interest rate because of risk involve for the lenders as these are short term unsecured loans. The lender does not demand any collateral so even people with bad credit and non-property owners as well can get these loans. Lenders verify the financial condition of the borrower and if they are confident that you will be able to pay back the loan, you can get the cash immediately.

Payday loans are very fast and easy to get due to online procedure. You just have to fill in the easy to fill application form with some personal information like your name, age, address, and your contact, employment and banking details and lenders approve the cash right away. However, since the interest rates are often very high it is always a wise decision to do some research on several lenders and go with the lender that provides the best deal possible. So, what are you waiting for apply now!

About the Author: Justin is an expert in the field. For more information on

payday loan

, and

one hour payday loans

Please visit:


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