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Motivational Wisdom From A Chef Rat Part Ii}

Submitted by: Sharif Khan

Welcome to Part II of “Motivational Wisdom from a Chef Rat” where Disney movie Ratatouille’s star and uber management guru, Remy the Rat, shares his motivational wisdom and inspirational insights:


When Anton Ego, France’s most notorious food critic who can make or break a restaurant with a single review, makes his appearance at Gusteau’s, Remy’s culinary talents are finally put to the test.

But instead of preparing a fancy delicacy worthy of Gusteau’s esteemed patrons, Remy chooses to make a homily Ratatouille (a vegetable stew made of eggplant, tomatoes, green peppers, and squash). It’s a common folk meal fit “for peasants” the assistant cook declares.

Remy ignores this slight and goes with his heart. It’s genuinely him and what he knows. He prepares an exquisitely rapturous, mouth-watering Ratatouille dish that just blows away the critic. As Ego takes his first bite, his cold exterior immediately melts in delight as he is brought back to sweet memories of his Mom’s home-cooking.

This was an emotional scene for me as well. In my case, it brought back sweet memories of my father’s home-cooking. My father passed away in a car accident eighteen years ago, and yet, I can still fondly remember savoring his Ratatouille. It was one of my father’s favorites and he used to brag all the time about knowing how to make this French specialty. My brothers and I used to laugh as kids at the funny sounding name and how my father would roll the word off his tongue with such relish.

Bottom line: be yourself and ignore the critics.

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When Linguini (I don’t come up with these names), the supposed up-and-coming star boy chef at Gusteau’s, reveals that the real inspiration behind his cooking is Remy the Rat, the entire staff thinks he’s lost his mind and promptly leave the establishment.

Lesson: the best talent and ideas can come from anywhere and sometimes do come from the most unexpected places.

Don’t pre-judge people. Just because someone’s a rat doesn’t mean they can’t cook!

Likewise, don’t be easily impressed by degrees, pedigrees, fancy titles, wealth, or so called experts. You have to carefully evaluate whether their talent or ideas will help move YOUR career or business forward. Sometimes that means seeking a second or third opinion.


When famed critic, Anton Ego, asks to personally speak with the head chef of Gusteau’s, he is told to wait.

Check your ego at the door and tell it to wait. Don’t let success get to your head. And give credit where credit is due.

When Linguini steals all the limelight and attributes Gusteau’s new found success all to himself and his love interest, it breeds sour resentment in Remy who eventually leaves Linguini to his own devices.

You decide what’s more important to you: your ego or your career. An effective leader always shares the limelight and generously gives credit, while a poor leader hogs up all the accolades creating resentment and unwanted enemies.

f you want to fast-track your success, go out of your way to catch people doing something right and give them the credit they crave so desperately and rightfully deserve!


When Anton Ego makes his grand appearance at Gusteau’s to put the final nail in the coffin, he literally asks for a new perspective. “Surprise me!” he demands asking for something new off-the-menu.

We don’t always have to go with the canned selection that’s offered us – whether it’s provided in a menu, business proposal, job offer, meeting agenda, or course curriculum. We can ask for a new perspective.

I suspect Ego was a management guru in his past life as this is great advice for managers as well. The next time you hold a meeting, ask for a new perspective. Or ask in advance of the meeting that each person come prepared to attend the meeting with at least one new idea or new way of doing things.

Ask them to surprise you. The results may indeed surprise you – and hopefully for the better! (For added emphasis or just for fun and humor, take your team out to see Ratatouille or play clips from the movie at your meeting once it comes out in DVD).

Speaking of management gurus, I’m thinking of co-authoring a follow-up to Dr. Spencer Johnson’s “Who Moved My Cheese.” I think I’ll call it: “Who Made My Ratatouille: Motivational Wisdom from Remy the Rat.”

About the Author: Sharif Khan is a freelance business writer, copywriter, book consultant, and author of the leadership bestseller, Psychology of the Hero Soul (

). If you need help with an important writing project or ongoing assignment and would like a no-cost, no-obligation quote, call 416-417-1259.


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Create Online Editions Easily With The Free Page Turning Software}

Create online editions easily with the Free Page Turning Software


sonu parashar

Online publishing is fast emerging as the best way to reach out more and make more profits. Some of the breakthroughs like the publishing software are leading this trend. Free Page Turning Software enables to provide the same ease of access to online editions.

The best thing about the books and magazines is the easy and effortless reading experience they provide. Carrying a book, opening it whenever one gets time to read are a common sight. People of all ages and different professions do this, particularly, even while they are on the move. Books offer great pleasure, when alone or while traveling, you can’t find a better company then these. Reading causes joy, helps to expand horizons and to gain knowledge. These are the essentials of life everyone needs. In a way, what we are can be attributed to what all are we read, the educational qualification or the skill set possess is directly related to our reading. Strangely, such an important aspect of our life is fast changing, surprisingly, we all are pretty comfortable about it.

Books and magazines are more and more available over the internet these days, reading is increasingly confined to tablets and smart phones. All these changed the publication too. Now, the focus is to publish to the devices, which are better suited to access the internet and read online. The widespread presence of these new age devices offered better chances to reach individual readers, in a more direct way. Publishing of different content over the internet is referred to as digital publishing. These could be accessed by a variety of devices, which facilitates the internet access, from anywhere. The conveniences it brings lured everyone, the reader as well as the Publisher.

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The online editions have a great impact on the access to the information issues. Now anyone can access a book or other publishing, wherever he might live on the planet earth. In a way the asymmetry in the information has been wiped out, ensuring a level playing field for all. Still, the access and affordability to posses an appliance, which connects to the internet needs to be looked into.

One of the major development which aided the process is the availability of Free Page Turning Software. First, the emergence of software greatly aided the online publishing. Hitherto restricted to PDFs only and easy to circulate over the electronic media, publishing become incredibly interactive and lively. The software also enhanced the feel by providing the same ease of access to the electronic versions. Perhaps, it is much more convenient to read these for all the comforts it offers. Particularly the page flipping option completed the online publishing. Above all, publishing the same over the internet become unbelievably easy.

The digital publishing software

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digital publishing software

made the creation of online editions and publishing the same over the internet easily. The

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