With new technology and the natural properties of aluminum alloys, it is possible to create a wide range of different aluminum extrusion shapes. Creating different shapes all starts with developing a die which will produce the desired shape once the process is complete.

The most common aluminum extrusion shapes are those which are used to create square or rectangular bars as well as round or hexagonal shapes. However, there are also channel shapes, z-bar, solid round or square rod or bar, H-shaped aluminum corners and aluminum angles which are used in a variety of aerospace, automotive and aircraft applications.

How It Works

Aluminum extrusion is a very common process. It can be used to create amazingly complex shapes including hollow cavities within a pipe, T-slots and unique shapes which can then be cut to display a specific profile.

To create aluminum extrusion shapes a die is constructed which is like a mold. The hot aluminum is forced through the die using high-pressure rams in a confined space, moving the aluminum through the die and out the other side in the form required. Liquid or gaseous nitrogen is also pumped through the system to prevent the formation of oxides during the extrusion process.

After the extrusion process, the aluminum extrusion shapes are further processed. This includes using a stretching processes to release any internal tension and create straight sides and angles which will be true and identical to all other materials produced by the same die.

Internal cavities are formed during the process through a slightly more complex mechanism. Specialized pieces known as piercing mandrels or pins are located within the die to create the designed internal open space. After the extrusion is completed the aluminum extrusion shapes can be further processed to the desired finish.

Unique Shapes

It is possible to create very elaborate aluminum extrusion shapes with one pass. There are different components used in the aerospace industry which are formed using the extrusion process since they are continuous, strong and uniform in every aspect.

There is really no limit to the development of aluminum extrusion shapes for parts and components. Small parts such as those required in electronics and the communication industry can also be created using this process and it can be a very cost effective option when compared to machining and milling rod or bar to create the individual pieces.

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