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Using Personalized Promotional Bags In Brand Marketing Campaigns}

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Submitted by: Dennis Avery

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business and probably is considered quite hard and complex than other aspects of the business. Every new day, you will find new marketing concepts developed and implemented by various companies. This is quite natural, considering the way competition in the market is soaring. You never want to lose out of competition and therefore you look for marketing tools like personalized promotional bags. These are small tools which have bigger impact on sales of a company where companies are able to tame the potentials of this promotional product. There are different types of promotional bags and your can purchase promotional bags wholesale stocks from online wholesale personalized product stores.

Purchasing promotional bags wholesale stock is very beneficial for any company which is looking to conduct big scale campaigns. Most companies use huge amount of promotional products for extensive marketing campaigns, therefore if you need certain types of personalized bags for your campaign, you need to order it well in advance, so that wholesale personalized products stores can procure essentials for your demand. There are different types of promotional bags that can be used for marketing campaigns.

Different Personalized Promotional Bags for Business Marketing

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Different types of bags are available and used for promotional purposes, you need to ascertain which one is a good fit for your business type. Here is the list of promotional bags:

Paper bags You can use personalized paper bags for your business. However, there is little concern that you must clearly understand before ordering these bags. These bags are of very soft nature and can sustain very small weight, therefore you need to decide if you shall go with these promotional bags or not. Generally, companies, which serve low weight products like garment, wrist watches, sunglasses, etc. prefer this type of bags for promotional campaigns. Now, important thing here is to understand how this bag works. When your customers shop something, they carry products in this personalized paper carry bags and in the process advertise your brand whole way through to your outlets to their houses. Similarly, whenever they carry these bags for other uses it displays your brand wherever it goes.

Cotton bags Cotton bags are growing in demand these days and also have been phenomenal in replacing hazardous plastic bags at malls, shopping complex and super markets. Many noble companies in a goodwill gesture towards environment are keeping away from plastic bags and encouraging customers to adopt the go green way. Cotton personalized promotional bags are strong enough to carry vegetable, fruits or other light and middle weight products. However, using it for heavy products is not at all a wise decision.

Nonwoven bags Thirdly, non-woven promotional bags wholesale stock can kick start your promotional campaign on a positive note. These bags are stronger in comparison to both the types of bag mentioned earlier in this list. It can hold good amount of weight, hence making your shopping much easier.

These are important personalized promotional bags that can be used for promotional campaigns.

About the Author: Dennis Avery finds out how businesses feel the need of promotional products and corporate gifts to spread their brand awareness today.For more information visit :-


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Faux Finish Leather Look For A Closet Door

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By Jessica Ackerman

Nothing says style and elegance like a leather door, and you can create the look of leather for your closet door by applying a faux finish. Over the course of a weekend using a few simple tools and products, you can create a leather look for your closet or other door without breaking into your piggy bank – and end up with a door that competes with those that cost several thousand dollars. Faux leather techniques can create striking textures and add handmade detail with ease.

Supplies You Will Need

For your faux leather closet door project, you will need:

– satin or semi-gloss base coat

– latex glaze

– latex paint

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– primer

– plastic wrap

– cheesecloth

– mixing cup and mixing bucket

– medium nap roller

– stipple brush

Preparing the Door

Remove the door from its hinges and move it to your working area. You can lay down newspaper to keep from getting pain and glaze on other surfaces as you work. The door should be clean and sanded smoothly. Remove all hardware from the door, including the door knob. While you can work on one side at a time, you might also stand the door up on edging that will not be seen when the door is re-hung (the one that the hinges are installed on) and brace each end with clamps. This might sound a bit difficult and awkward, but with the right maneuvering of clamps and braces, you can do both sides at once.

Painting the Door

Even if the door seems to be in good shape and has been painted before, you should apply a coat of primer anyway. Once you have given the primer time to dry, you can start applying the base coat to the door, which should be semi-gloss or satin finish paint in the “leather” color that you like; avoid flat or gloss finishes. Work in small sections; apply the base coat over the primer with a paint roller. Allow your first base coat to dry completely, and then apply a second base coat.


The next step in the faux leather technique is called glazing. You will mix up a solution of one part semi-gloss or satin color that was used in your base coat with four parts of latex glaze. Glaze is clear and works to make the color that you mix it with become more transparent, and since glaze doesn’t dry as fast, will give you time enough to work your leather pattern. Stir the glaze and the paint well to make sure it is blended. Using a paint roller, apply a very generous coating of this mixture to a section of the door that is as wide as your paint roller.


Now you’re ready to leather the door. Using a medium roller, apply a generous coating of the mixed glaze to about a two-foot-square section of the wall. Roll the glaze in a random pattern. Tear off a section of clear plastic wrap (around two foot or so) and crumple it up like you’re planning to stuff it in a small bottle; this gets the plastic wrap “crinkly”. Then lay the plastic wrap out flat on top of the strip of glazing that you have applied to the door. Press the plastic wrap with the flat of your hand so that you only apply pressure, not fingerprints or finger marks.

Apply plastic wrap to the entire section. You can use your stipple brush to lightly press the plastic wrap further into the glazing. Then, use the stipple brush to lightly brush the plastic, which produces the pattern of faux leather. When you are satisfied with the pattern, peel away the plastic very slowly and take care not to touch the door. You should immediately see the look of leather. Using cheesecloth that has been dampened with plain water, gently pat any sections where the leathering pattern is too intense. Repeat the process for each section of the door, on both sides. Apply a finishing clear coat to keep the paint from chipping off, and allow this finishing coat to dry. Re-hang your door and enjoy your “expensive” leather work.

About the Author: With signature design style, Jessica Ackerman, an online writer with, describes bold approaches to metal tree wall sculpture and grapes and wine decor.


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Homeowner Policy Information On Those New To Texas

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By G. M. White

Texas is a great place to live, if for no other reason than there are just so many ways to live in this vast, beautiful State. Choose a home in Amarillo, Texas, and you can live near the expansive prairies of the pan handle, where cowboys past and present roam. Or, choose a home in Houston, Texas, and you can choose between five star restaurants, museums, symphonies or exciting sports events any day of the week. Choose a home in Austin, Texas and you can spend your days kiyaking down the Colorado River during the day, and listening to live blues or rock and roll the same evening. Or choose a home in San Antonio and you can enjoy the rich rolling curves of the Hill Country on the weekends, and margaritas by the river walk in your after work hours.

Wherever you have chosen to live in Texas, it is just one of many wise decisions you will make for you and your family. Another important decision you will need to make is the one regarding your homeowners insurance policy. The Texas Department of Insurance has developed standards for homeowners insurance, which all providers operating in the state are required to follow. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of coverage providers will generally offer, and the differences between them.

The standard policies are HO-A, HO-B, and HO-C policies. As standardized policies, they will offer the exact same type of coverage regardless of what provider is offering them, or the rate they charge. For this reason, if you are looking to purchase a standard Texas home owners insurance policy, you should shop around for the best rate you can find.

Many Texas homeowners insurance providers will also offer “endorsements” or upgrades to a standard policy for additional fees. The difficulty can come in determining the actual extent of the additional coverage relative to the standard policy. The better you understand the definitions of the standard policies, the more clearly you will be able to evaluate the benefit of these endorsements.

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The three most common types of Texas home owners insurance policies can be outlined as follows:

HO-A policies are the cheapest, and therefore offer the most limited coverage. Only the types of damage specifically listed in the policy are covered, and this can vary from one provider to the next. HO-A policies only offer ‘Actual Cash Value’ on its settlements. In other words, many other costs associated with restoring lost property including labor and time considerations will not be included.

HO-B policies provide replacement cost coverage (meaning, all costs associated with replacement of property including labor and rental fees) for most risks associated with damage to the dwelling, and actual cash value for personal property for the types of damage specifically outlined in the policy.

HO-C policies provide the most extensive coverage, and are consequently more expensive than HO-A or HO-B policies. HO-C policies offer replacement cost coverage for most types of risks which threaten the dwelling or personal property.

When comparing these different types of standardized policies, or any type of Texas home owners insurance policy, it is important to take note of the types of damage that none of these policies may cover. For example, neither the HO-A, HO-B or the HO-C policies cover flood damage, even though other types of water damage may be covered. Generally speaking, flood insurance is a completely separate type of policy. Those at risk of flooding should consider this type of insurance, which can be purchased through most agencies.

Texas Auto & Home Insurance has many years of combined experience dealing with all types of home owners insurance in the state of Texas. We believe it is important for home owners to do their own research regarding the types of policies and coverages available to them and seek out many quotes. We are happy to help you in this important search. If we cannot offer the best policy for your needs, we will refer you to someone to can. Feel free to give us a call with any questions about Texas home owners insurance!

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A 12 Year Old Boy’s Bedroom Showcases Collections

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By Susan Morrell

Children love to collect things, and a twelve year old boy is right in the prime of collecting his little treasures. Designing a bedroom for him requires a lot of storage to house his collections, and you may want to incorporate display areas in the room. As a matter of fact you may be able to design his whole room around his collections and really end up with the perfect bedroom design. Make the distinction between his collections that are mostly for viewing and the ones that he really plays with, and plan their storage accordingly. Storage should always be easy to access if you want your child to actually use it.

Toys for Play

Most boys have any number of cars, soldiers and action figures. You could store or display them on open shelves or use a display cabinet. If your child still plays with the collection, then open shelves is a better choice. When the collection is mostly to admire, then the glass door display case would be a good selection.


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Boys also love trading cards. Whether they have wizards or baseball heroes, card collections can get to be quite extensive. Using a photo box or a card collector’s book to display this type of collection makes the most sense. Of course you could always mount and frame favorite cards so that they can be displayed on the child’s bedroom wall. You can have fun doing this. For example if you cut a piece of green poster board to mount behind a baseball card. You can add a brown baseball diamond, and then you can mount the card on the ‘field’ in the position that the player normally plays. You can also rotate which baseball cards are displayed by using a photo cube or a photo box with a display front.


Most children these days have an electronics collection, which may include video games, DVDs, CDs, and then they may also have favorite books and magazines. Using magazine bins on bookshelves is a great way to store these items. You can also use plastic shoe bins for DVD and CD storage.


If your child has a lot of collectibles, you can build a display shelf around the top of the wall and use this space to display model airplanes, car collections, autographed sports paraphernalia, and other small collectibles. A high shelf like this is a perfect way to showcase delicate collectibles that you do not want handled.


You can also use some of his collections to decorate his room. If he has a lot of photos, you could frame and hang them in a large grouping on a wall to make a really interesting addition to his room. You could use one large frame and build a collage of his favorite photos. You could also use the clear plastic frames, and literally cover a wall with them. It is easy to swap out one photo for another, and it makes a really fun wall display.

About the Author: Article contributed by Susan Morrell of, the unique place to go for

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His And Hers: Melding Styles Together

By Jessica Ackerman

There are so many wonderful and exciting aspects of getting married. You have embarked on a journey where your futures will unfold together and where your goals and dreams are now shared with another person. Youve also entered a world where you may have to compromise about whether to hang his favorite car poster in the living room.

Its true that one part of the newlywed journey that isnt always the most pleasant is figuring out how to mesh two very different decorating styles into one home. There are ways to achieve decorating harmony, and with some compromise – on both sides – merging two styles really CAN be fun.

Here are some tips to help you survive this sometimes difficult portion of newly married life.


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Yes, this is the most obvious solution, but its also the most important. Neither of you can expect to get your way on every single decision regarding your home. You both have to live there, so you both should have some input. Be reasonable, and dont make it personal. Avoid statements such as That ugly thing is NOT going in my living room! Instead, offer valid reasons why finding another spot for a certain item may be better. Try something like I just think that poster would let better in our workout room. It wont clash with the other artwork. By not insulting the prized possessions of the other party, you will be leaving the door open for reasonable discussion rather than verbal assaults.

Start Over

Perhaps he thinks that his old smelly blue velour sofa is fabulous because he hasnt been on the inside of a furniture store in a while. Maybe she hasnt updated her style in years because she hasnt browsed through home decorating magazines to see what is new and fashionable. The beginning of your marriage is a perfect time to start over and, perhaps, renew your sense of what is beautiful in the area of home dcor. Spend a weekend strolling through furniture showrooms and flipping through magazines. You both may be surprised to find that you gravitate toward similar styles. If not, youll have seen many options on which to base your compromises about what to choose. The key here is that youll be choosing together. It wont be all of his stuff or all of your stuff. Instead, your home will be full of items that you choose together.

Take Turns

If there is too much artwork and not enough walls, why not just take turns? Swapping out artwork is a quick and easy way to freshen up the look of a room, so just switch back and forth between his favorite pieces and yours.

Leave it Blank

One of the best things about sharing your life with someone is that you will continue to grow together. If you cant agree on things now, its ok to leave some spots empty for a while. As time goes on, your styles are apt to become more similar, and youll be able to select items that suit your newly developed style.

As in all areas of married life, its important to treat each others feelings with care and respect when it comes to decisions about home decor. Decorating that is completed by more than one person is sure to require compromise whether or not the two parties are married or just roommates. Remember that your home can be beautiful even if you arent the one making every decision. Learn to meld your styles together and youll be one step closer to marital bliss!

About the Author: Jessica Ackerman is a head author at Wall Decor and Home Accents – where you can find

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