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A 12 Year Old Boy’s Bedroom Showcases Collections

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By Susan Morrell

Children love to collect things, and a twelve year old boy is right in the prime of collecting his little treasures. Designing a bedroom for him requires a lot of storage to house his collections, and you may want to incorporate display areas in the room. As a matter of fact you may be able to design his whole room around his collections and really end up with the perfect bedroom design. Make the distinction between his collections that are mostly for viewing and the ones that he really plays with, and plan their storage accordingly. Storage should always be easy to access if you want your child to actually use it.

Toys for Play

Most boys have any number of cars, soldiers and action figures. You could store or display them on open shelves or use a display cabinet. If your child still plays with the collection, then open shelves is a better choice. When the collection is mostly to admire, then the glass door display case would be a good selection.


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Boys also love trading cards. Whether they have wizards or baseball heroes, card collections can get to be quite extensive. Using a photo box or a card collector’s book to display this type of collection makes the most sense. Of course you could always mount and frame favorite cards so that they can be displayed on the child’s bedroom wall. You can have fun doing this. For example if you cut a piece of green poster board to mount behind a baseball card. You can add a brown baseball diamond, and then you can mount the card on the ‘field’ in the position that the player normally plays. You can also rotate which baseball cards are displayed by using a photo cube or a photo box with a display front.


Most children these days have an electronics collection, which may include video games, DVDs, CDs, and then they may also have favorite books and magazines. Using magazine bins on bookshelves is a great way to store these items. You can also use plastic shoe bins for DVD and CD storage.


If your child has a lot of collectibles, you can build a display shelf around the top of the wall and use this space to display model airplanes, car collections, autographed sports paraphernalia, and other small collectibles. A high shelf like this is a perfect way to showcase delicate collectibles that you do not want handled.


You can also use some of his collections to decorate his room. If he has a lot of photos, you could frame and hang them in a large grouping on a wall to make a really interesting addition to his room. You could use one large frame and build a collage of his favorite photos. You could also use the clear plastic frames, and literally cover a wall with them. It is easy to swap out one photo for another, and it makes a really fun wall display.

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His And Hers: Melding Styles Together

By Jessica Ackerman

There are so many wonderful and exciting aspects of getting married. You have embarked on a journey where your futures will unfold together and where your goals and dreams are now shared with another person. Youve also entered a world where you may have to compromise about whether to hang his favorite car poster in the living room.

Its true that one part of the newlywed journey that isnt always the most pleasant is figuring out how to mesh two very different decorating styles into one home. There are ways to achieve decorating harmony, and with some compromise – on both sides – merging two styles really CAN be fun.

Here are some tips to help you survive this sometimes difficult portion of newly married life.


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Yes, this is the most obvious solution, but its also the most important. Neither of you can expect to get your way on every single decision regarding your home. You both have to live there, so you both should have some input. Be reasonable, and dont make it personal. Avoid statements such as That ugly thing is NOT going in my living room! Instead, offer valid reasons why finding another spot for a certain item may be better. Try something like I just think that poster would let better in our workout room. It wont clash with the other artwork. By not insulting the prized possessions of the other party, you will be leaving the door open for reasonable discussion rather than verbal assaults.

Start Over

Perhaps he thinks that his old smelly blue velour sofa is fabulous because he hasnt been on the inside of a furniture store in a while. Maybe she hasnt updated her style in years because she hasnt browsed through home decorating magazines to see what is new and fashionable. The beginning of your marriage is a perfect time to start over and, perhaps, renew your sense of what is beautiful in the area of home dcor. Spend a weekend strolling through furniture showrooms and flipping through magazines. You both may be surprised to find that you gravitate toward similar styles. If not, youll have seen many options on which to base your compromises about what to choose. The key here is that youll be choosing together. It wont be all of his stuff or all of your stuff. Instead, your home will be full of items that you choose together.

Take Turns

If there is too much artwork and not enough walls, why not just take turns? Swapping out artwork is a quick and easy way to freshen up the look of a room, so just switch back and forth between his favorite pieces and yours.

Leave it Blank

One of the best things about sharing your life with someone is that you will continue to grow together. If you cant agree on things now, its ok to leave some spots empty for a while. As time goes on, your styles are apt to become more similar, and youll be able to select items that suit your newly developed style.

As in all areas of married life, its important to treat each others feelings with care and respect when it comes to decisions about home decor. Decorating that is completed by more than one person is sure to require compromise whether or not the two parties are married or just roommates. Remember that your home can be beautiful even if you arent the one making every decision. Learn to meld your styles together and youll be one step closer to marital bliss!

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