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The Advantages Of Custom Cabinets For Your Home

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byAlma Abell

Cabinets are an essential component of any home, regardless of whether they hold priceless china or documents, custom cabinetry in Florida speak of quality and class. The most obvious advantage of custom cabinets is the fact that they are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the homeowner. If for example your kitchen or bathroom is odd sized or shaped, odds are that standard cabinetry will not suit your needs because they come prefabricated in standard dimensions and if the standard lengths or any combination do not work out, then fillers have to be used which can be unsightly.

To keep from wasting space in rooms that are traditionally small anyway, custom cabinetry in Florida can be designed to utilize the available space to the maximum. A kitchen island or built in desk are well worth the cost difference. It is more than just utilization, it is quality. In many cases standard cabinets are made from MDF which is covered in sheet vinyl; custom cabinets are usually made from plywood or solid wood and then finished to perfection.

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The standard height of a cabinet is 36 inches. While this height has been found to be acceptable to the greatest majority of people there are those who find the standard height to be either too high or too low. Custom cabinetry is the only way to get the precise height the client wants.

Custom height is but one advantage to custom cabinets, along with this comes the functionality. A drawer unit for example can be made up from drawers of different depths; this allows complete customization based on what the contents of the drawers will be. Drawer depths can be such that kitchen appliances that are used infrequently can be stored. Being able to store the blender or toaster when not in use frees up counter space for food preparation and other activities. If your counter area is not as bright as you would like, lighting can be installed under the upper cabinets.

Standard wall cabinets are also built in the same standard sizes as the base cabinets, the same advantages can be realized when you opt for custom cabinets. Custom made upper cabinets can include such things as glass doors or doors with glass inserts, these you would not normally see in the base cabinets.

Custom cabinetry in Florida is only limited by the imagination of the homeowner and his or her ability to describe what it is they want.

Genesis Cabinetry provides high end custom cabinetry in Florida. The cabinets that are manufactured by Genesis will last a lifetime. Click here to find custom cabinetry.

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Bathroom Vanities In Los Angeles

By Heather Mitchell

People in Los Angeles are known to have class and style. Among the things that people use to add style in their LA houses are bathroom vanities. These will help you to almost literally design the bathroom piece by piece. If you want to join the bandwagon of elegance, then you need to get your own bathroom vanity for your Los Angeles house. These allow you to choose your preferred individual pieces, to choose your style and to choose the installation time period. You can be able to set a scene and create your desired ambience. If you want your house to be spectacular, there are certain factors that you will need toconsider before choosing these vanities.

1. Decide on the size of your vanity A small vanity is great for most bathrooms. For larger bathrooms or bathrooms that are shared by many people, a double or a larger vanity is more appropriate. Whichever type of vanity you prefer, you will get a large variety to choose from in Los Angeles. It is okay to choose the largest available vanities but leave space beside it. This space will enable you to access adjoining areas when cleaning. This is especially important for the toilet seats that are adjacent to the vanity. Also leave space beside the vanity for the trashcan.

2. Choose a style which matches your home dcor In case you have one of those traditional Los Angeles homes, you can consider granite, marble or antique bathroom vanities. These are among the most magnificent vanities which are available in Los Angeles. Contemporary style home will require modern bathroom vanities. These are generally metallic, sleek and minimalist. Often, they have a chrome or nickel finish and also have a frameless mirror. These contemporary vanities can adapt to many homes. This is because they can be able to fit in a room without commanding too much attention. Typical traditional style vanities look out of place when put in an ultra-modern environment.

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3. Experiment. Make use of your creativity. If you have a great imagination and an artistic flair, then you will have a fun and satisfying time creating a custom bathroom vanity. This can even be entirely done from information on the internet. What you will need to start with is selecting a sink vessel, top, cabinet and mirror.

4. The vessel sink This is your artistic centerpiece. Buy a vessel which is captivating and ostentatious. Remember to make sure it fits the overall theme.

Bathroom vanities are becoming increasingly popular in Los Angeles. Most homes which claim to have style and class need to try out these great pieces of furniture. Make sure that you use the above tips so that you can get the best vanities for your home. Despite the fact that these vanities are great and popular, not choosing the right type will make your home even worse than it was. As you look for the best bathroom vanity in Los Angeles, make sure that you check out different stores so that you get one for the best price.

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Living On A Narrowboat The Downside

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Living On A Narrowboat The Downside



Oh, what a life! Seven days a week of gentle relaxation watching the world go by as you sip a never-ending supply of gin and tonics from the comfort of your luxurious floating home. Thats the dream but not quite the reality.

Finding A Place To Moor

On dry land its easy. The home you buy is fixed at the location you bought it. Unless youve bought a mobile home, theres no problem finding a place to put it. In fact, a major factor in the buying process was probably your houses location. Its not so easy with a narrowboat.

Whether you intend to use your new narrowboat for occasional cruising or as a full time home, the question of where you are going to moor it is something you need to consider BEFORE you make the purchase.

Unfortunately for you, you cant moor long term at the first pleasant spot you see on the canal bank. British Waterways who control the vast majority of the canal network have very strict regulations controlling both duration and purpose of narrowboat moorings. You have to find a dedicated mooring either on the cut or in a marina. Residential moorings in ANY location are very hard to come by.


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In your house, you dont have to think about your utilities. Providing you pay your bills, everything is on tap. You press a light switch and the light comes on; you turn on a tap and you get a rush of hot and cold water; you turn a dial and your gas hob lights. You dont have to worry about them running out.

On your narrowboat its totally different. Your gas supply is in bottles weighing 50lb or more. Coal for your stove comes in dirty bags weighing just as much. Your electricity has to be generated by your boats engine and stored in batteries or, if you moor in a marina, is supplied from a pre payment point next to your boat. You water comes from an on board tank which must be filled by you at least once a week.


What goes in must come out! At some stage you will have to remove your sewage from your boat. If you have a Porta Potti toilet with a removable cartridge beneath or behind the bowl, you will need to remove the cartridge and empty the contents at the nearest Elsan disposal point. If your toilet has a large holding tank, you will need to take your boat to the nearest boatyard or marina to have the toilet pumped out. You can expect to pay 10-20 for each pump out.

Heating Your Boat

Modern boats should have good quality insulation to prevent heat loss in the winter and overheating in the summer. Modern heating systems are quite efficient and can be run at any time of the day or night but heating your boat and heating the water on your boat whatever its age usually requires a degree of thought.

Many boats rely on solid fuel stoves for heating. Solid fuel in the form of coal or wood is difficult to light so you have to ensure that you have a good supply of newspaper and kindling or firelighters to hand. Solid fuel is also dirty. Your stove and the flooring around your stove must be cleaned on a regular basis.


You will want to be able to receive letters by post (and you will need to receive bills too). You need to use a phone, and you will probably want to access the internet and your email. And you possibly want to watch television. All of these methods of communication are just a little more difficult when living on a narrowboat.

Narrowboat marinas and canal-side moorings are often remote from TV and mobile telephone transmitters. And, of course, you are unlikely to be on your postmans regular route.

There is always a solution though. You can buy a laptop dongle to give you access to the internet. You can ask friends or family or the marina where you moor to accept post for you. You WILL be able to receive a mobile phone signal… but you may have to change network provider (and you may have to make your calls with your head out of the window). You can watch television. You can even receive satellite signals providing you fit your boat with an aerial and a correctly aligned dish for satellite signals.

Lack Of Space

A narrowboat is just 610 wide and no more than 70 long (no more than 60 long if you want to explore all of the canal network). Even on the longest narrowboat, once you have allowed for the foredeck and engine room, you probably have no more than 55 of living space.

You have to fit all of your worldly possessions into this space. You will have to say goodbye to your three piece suite, wardrobes, chests of drawers, super-size television and music system and the contents of your shed and garage. You simply wont have room for them all.

You will have to get used to FAR smaller rooms on your boat. You will get used to using every last nook and cranny to hide things. You will have cupboards under your bed, under all of your seating, in your gas locker, your engine room and your foredeck.


Your boat probably wont have a washing machine. You wont have the space and, even if you do, you wont like the power it uses. You will probably have to rely on a local laundry service either in a marina or the nearest town.


Its quite a list of downsides for you to consider. Living on a narrowboat isnt for everyone. You have to accept that you will work a little harder to achieve what you take for granted on dry land. Things take a little bit longer. But thats OK. Life at a slower pace is more relaxing, more rewarding and more enjoyable. Rather than watch mind numbing late night television, you can turn in a little earlier than you would normally and listen to the natural sounds around you; the gentle patter of rain on your roof, the lapping of water against the side of your boat, owls hooting and ducks quacking. Unfortunately, its so relaxing you wont be awake for long!

Paul Smith’s web site list all of the narrowboat friendly marinas in the UK complete with a list of their facilities, contact details, reviews and photo’s

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Living On A Narrowboat The Downside

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Commercial Bathroom Fixtures

By Patricia Holland

Bradley commercial bathroom fixtures enable contractors to fully equip restrooms of any size and type. XPB Locker Supply carries a full selection of both Division 10 and Division 22 products. Multiple mounting configurations accommodate both remodeling projects and new constructions. Many products can also be customized to accommodate unique restroom interiors. ADA restroom floor plans can be accommodated with fixtures that are manufactured with accessibility foremost in mind.

Our selection of Division 22 products is carefully inventoried to ensure that contractors can pass value on to their clients on multiple levels. Bradley commercial lavatories are manufactured from new materials that are easy to clean, vandal resistant, and characterized by new aesthetics that make them appropriate for a broad range of restroom interiors. Commercial faucets feature new touch free mechanisms for water conservation that eliminate the need to handle surface areas that could pass on germs. Water metering prevents wastage by automatically shutting off the faucet after a predetermined period of time.

Wash fountains offer even more value for industrial, transportation, educational, and commercial facilities. These multi-user commercial bathroom fixtures are manufactured in a number of configurations that allow contractors to mount them in corners, along walls, or in the center of the restroom. This makes it possible to bid remodels, reconstructions, and new constructions with a product that is designed to save floor space, protect user hygiene with touch free operation, and conserve water by utilizing a single plumbing connection to service up to eight users at once, depending on the model.

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Our selection of Division 10 products is inventoried to fully accessorize any restroom, of any size, in any building type. Bradley partitions rank among some of the most important commercial bathroom fixtures we sell. Contractors can meet the needs of their clients with a wide range of material options that allow for cost-effectiveness to be balanced with long-term durability, vandal resistance, and a superior look. Four different mounting positions allow contractors to build stalls that are space efficient and easy to clean.

Grab bars can also be ordered in custom configurations by contractors in charge of building ADA compliant commercial bathrooms. Our selection of grab bars feature rear wall and side wall mounting for toilet stalls as well as grab bars for showers. Bars are available in all the length and weight capacity requirements stated by codes that regulate commercial bathroom fixture codes for handicapped restroom designs.

Other Division 10 products sold through XPB Locker Supply include a full assortment of commercial restroom equipment that are intended to provide users with full convenience on every level. These accessories include, but are not limited to, paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles, mirrors, shelves, medicine cabinets, restroom vending machines, and toilet paper dispensers.

Contractors have the option to purchase commercial bathroom fixtures individually in order to accommodate the full gamut of restroom design specifications. However, if space is limited, or if an exceptionally unique interior architecture is called for, XPB Locker Supply has a full inventory of multipurpose dispensers as well. We also carry several lines of the new generation of hand dryers, one of which is energy star rated, for businesses looking to bolster their environmentally friendly image by eliminating paper towel waste altogether.

Call XPB Locker Supply now for more information on specific products ideally suited to remodeling projects, reconstruction efforts, and new restroom construction.

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